Juventus vs FC Porto Prediction | C1 Cup | 03/09

Juventus vs FC Porto prediction – Get the advantage of winning 2 – 1 over Juventus in the first leg of this season. Having to march away from home against a very experienced Champions League opponent like Juventus, it will be difficult for Porto to preserve their advantage after this match.

Juventus vs FC Porto Prediction


  • Match date: 8:00 pm on 03/09/2021
  • Event: UEFA Champions League
  • Stage: 1/8 finals
  • Location: Allianz Stadium


Juventus vs FC Porto Prediction




Juventus is determined to go far this season although they are also facing many difficulties in Serie A. While Porto is also trying very hard to create surprises as they did in 2004.

Juventus is in a relatively recent form when they have 2 wins and have to receive 2 defeats in the last 5 matches on all fronts. In Serie A, after their victory over Crotone in the 23rd round, they rose to 3rd place on the rankings but are still behind at the top with a gap of up to 8 points.

Meanwhile, Porto’s performance over the past time has been very good when they were completely unbeaten in the last 5 matches on all fronts and had 2 consecutive wins recently. In the national championship, they have almost all hopes for the championship when they are less than the top of the group with a gap of 10 points after 20 rounds.

Select: FC Porto FT


H1 Over/Under odds: 1 draw. Over’s win rate: 1.71, Under’s win rate: 2.05.

FT Over/Under odds: 2.75. Over’s win rate: 1.94, Under’s win rate: 1.88.

According to statistics, in the last 5 Juventus matches, there are 3 Under and 2 Over matches, also in the last 5 games of Porto, there are 4 Over matches and only 1 Under match.

Select: Over 3 FT

Juventus vs FC Porto prediction: Juventus 2 – 1 FC Porto.

Juventus vs FC Porto Prediction


The defeat in the first leg against Porto was just the first defeat of Juventus in 5 meetings between the two teams in the history of confrontation.

Even if they lose in the first leg, but with the advantage of having a goal on the opponent’s field, Juventus can also see not having a big disadvantage in the second leg when they only need to win 1 – 0 is enough to go on.

Juventus vs FC Porto prediction:  Juventus FT

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