Juventus vs COVID-19: Finding a smooth path!

It sounds difficult but it is really difficult. The COVID-19 pandemic posed many problems to the whole world so it was normal for Juventus to encounter difficulties.

Players have been called back to get ready to train

Serie A 2019-2020 will probably be resumed. So does the Champions League. But that was a story of the future and when COVID-19 was still unfolding unpredictably throughout Europe, one could not say for sure that the future would ever arrive.

Hundreds of silk threads.

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But even in these days of no football, Juventus still has no shortage of things to do. There are things, there are things they do not know what to do properly.

Players who have been in quarantine for the past few days have been called back to get ready to train when the safety conditions in Italy allow and Serie A is resumed. But not only re-preparing for the season being postponed due to COVID-19, but Juventus  has also thought of the new season right now and sees ahead of them the wide sea and long river.

The first is the wonder how to handle love debt. There are Juventus players who want to sell like Bernardeschi or Higuain but how much they sell for or if they can sell at this summer are still open questions when they and many other players are not in the plan. Coach Maurizio Sarri but agreed to “sacrifice” 4 months’ salary to help the club reduce financial pressure.

As for Bernardeschi, Juventus was even more concerned. They bought him in 2017 at the age of 23 and regarded him as one of the seeds for the future. But since then he has scored only 6 goals, not suitable for the tactics of Mr. Sarri. But on the other hand, Bernardeschi has great physical strength, good technique, much potential to develop and is an Italian. Juve wants to find one of the characteristics that have made their “soul” in history. That is the “Italian quality” in the team. Now how to correct it?

Then problems arise if they want Mauro Icardi and / or Gabriel Jesus. Juventus wanted to exchange Pjanic with Icardi and use Douglas Costa in exchange for Jesus, but the exchange was difficult.

Next season, how will Juventus rebuild and to those who are questions that many people have asked now
Next season, how will Juventus rebuild and to those who are questions that many people have asked now

Inter decided not to let Icardi come to Juve, so if I hope to have Icardi, Juventus needs PSG to buy the Argentinian striker from Inter first but PSG does not seem to be “pitious” of Icardi.

Juventus wants Jesus but Man City is difficult to accept the same price as Costa because Jesus was young while Costa was old, injured like a meal. That means to change, Juventus must pay more.

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Speaking of money during this COVID-19 era is a problem for most clubs in the world and for Juventus money is an even more problem at the moment. Also the financial pressure caused by COVID-19 caused Pogba, Sergej-Milinkovic Savic … now become luxury dreams with the club.

They are too expensive and to own the top European midfielders, Juventus is almost only able to sell his other pillars such as De Ligt, Bonucci or … Ronaldo. Of course, there’s no way they would do that even though they wanted to upgrade their midfield to conquer Europe.

Which direction for the future?

In the midst of difficulties because of COVID-19, Juventus considered upgrading the team with young local talents like Castrovilli, Chiesa or Tonali. They will have to compete with Inter but it seems that this is a feasible and reasonable direction at the present time. These players are all young talents of Italian football. They can buy them and “save” for the future, can also recruit them to serve immediate goals.

The club did not face too much competition and their transfer fee was still much lower than the famous stars in Europe anyway. Juventus has long followed the aforementioned goals and it is not surprising if they implement the plan for next season with these deals.

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