MU Proposed To Buy Umtiti, Juventus Signed Harry Kane

MU offered to buy Samuel Umtiti, Juventus joined the Harry Kane race as the main transfer news today, March 17. If selected, Juventus will be the most suitable dock for Harry Kane. Because not only superstar Ronaldo, the powerful collective of “Old Lady” can help Kane satisfy the title dream.

MU offers to buy Umtiti

According to the Mirror, MU has officially proposed to transfer Samuel Umtiti, one of the goals that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer loves.

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MU Proposed To Buy Umtiti, Juventus Signed Harry Kane
MU has officially offered to buy Umtiti

Umtiti is going through an uncomfortable period at Barca, and soon thinking of moving to the Premier League to play football.

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Currently, in addition to MU, Arsenal also intends to entice the French center-back.

Meanwhile, according to Don Balon, in parallel with the offer to Barca, MU also approached Arturo Canales – Umtiti’s representative.

There is a relatively good relationship between MU and Arturo Canales. The parties have worked through deals from Alex Ferguson like Pique and Kagawa.

Umtiti’s transfer price has dropped recently because of the frequent reserve. MU is expected to spend no more than 50 million pounds for the former Lyon player.

Juventus recruited Harry Kane

Juventus has just confirmed to join the race to win Harry Kane, in the ambition to build a super attacking squad to conquer the big title.

Juventus wants to recruit Harry Kane
Juventus wants to recruit Harry Kane

Since Mourinho arrived, the Tottenham dressing room has never been quiet. The British press said that the “Special person” attacks on the players only made things worse. Many pillars have intended to leave the team and among them is indispensable for Harry Kane.

In essence, after Pochettino’s departure, Harry Kane‘s future was quickly questioned. According to Goal, the captain of the “Three Lions” had an idea to bid farewell to the London team next summer. The main reason is that Harry Kane waited too long to see the first title at Tottenham.

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Next, in the context of the London team at the end of the season and it is difficult to reach the Top 4, the 26-year-old striker seems to have more determination to leave.

According to the Italian daily Tutto Sports, Juventus quickly approached Harry Kane under the scrutiny of the two Manchester clubs. To prove his intentions, the defending champion was willing to put on a 200 million-euro negotiation table to recruit the Premier League’s top killer for years.

Kane and Mourinho
Kane and Mourinho

As for his part, Kane is clearly no longer happy at Tottenham. However, choosing a destination is something to consider carefully. MU’s decline in many previous seasons makes this place an insecure choice, while Man City is in danger of being banned from the Champions League for two seasons.

Therefore, the Juventus waiting for the nod of the English striker is easier than ever. What to do for Juventus right now is to bring the dream terms to help the “Lion Head” wholeheartedly, whole-heartedly join without encountering any problems.

Besides the generous salary, coach Sarri is ready to create a launchpad to help Kane become a great star in Turin and become a key spear next to superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Now “Old Lady” is looking for more catalysts to retain Ronaldo until 39 years old. And if there is a quality addition like Harry Kane, the Portuguese striker will likely stay to continue to devote.

In addition to the name Harry Kane, Juventus also has a second option, Gabriel Jesus. This is an alternative if failing to recruit Kane. This deal is more feasible because Jesus is only a second choice after Sergio Aguero at Man City.
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