Ronaldo scored in the 90th minute- bringing hope for Juventus

It seemed that Juventus had to receive unfavorable results against AC Milan in the Coppa Italia semi-final, but superstar Cristiano Ronaldo was promptly shined.

Final Result: AC Milan 1-1 Juventus 

The Coppa Italia semi-final first leg match between AC Milan and Juventus is expected to witness Zlatan Ibrahimovic confront Ronaldo. Despite the support of the fans, the two stars started the game. The Juve side also has the return of old Buffon in the goal.

From the beginning of the first half, Juve were guests but they were the owners of the ball on the field with a controlled time of up to 65%. In return, AC Milan has more shots. Notably, the 11th minute Ibrahimovic hit the heel in the penalty area incorrectly.

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Ronaldo faded in the first half of the Juventus  team.
Ronaldo faded in the first half of the Juventus  team.

Ronaldo played to the left and did not have many noticeable balls in the first half, he and his teammates often had to solve attacks with long shots but that was not enough to make the defense difficult. AC Milan. He himself had only one attempt to shoot but Kessie blocked from outside the penalty area.

In the second half, the match was still balanced, but the opening goal came in the 62nd minute. From Castillejo’s cross, Ante Rebic unleashed a one-touch shot from close range that gave Buffon no chance to make a clearance. Not long after, Cuadrado fell inside the penalty area but Juventus did not receive a penalty.

Milan scored the first goal.
Milan scored the first goal.

10 minutes after the goal

Milan suffered a great loss when Theo Hernandez was sent off. The defender received a second yellow card after a collision with Dybala. Having an advantage over people but Juve is not too overwhelming the home team.

AC Milan was aware of the lack of players, so they dropped all of the squad to defend. And when Juve was deadlocked, the hero Ronaldo spoke up. From the ball of the team ball, No. 7 kicked the ball into the hands of Calabria. Cristiano was also the successor of the penalty after 90 minutes.

Ronaldo scored on penalties.
Ronaldo scored on penalties.

The remaining 6 minutes of extra time is not enough for the two teams to get more goals and accept the 1-1 result. The second leg of the semi-final will take place on March 5, Ronaldo’s goal today gives Juve a certain advantage when playing at home next month.

Lineups for AC Milan and Juventus:


Detailed developments:


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90 + 4 ‘: Juve continues to pressure.

90 ‘: IN!

Ronaldo was the one who made the decisive shot.


The ball touched Calabria’s hand after Ronaldo’s hook.

84 ‘: NOT IN!

Dybala misses to the right.

80 & # 39;: De Ligt’s header deflects the ball away.

74 ‘: Laxalt comes on for Rebic.

72 ‘: RED CARD!

Theo Hernandez was fired after he committed a foul on Dybala

69 ‘: Yellow card for Castillejo for fouling Sandro. Higuain came on for De Sciglio.

65 & # 39: Cuadrado fell inside the penalty area, there was no penalty.

63 ‘: Bentancur replaces Ramsey.

62 ‘: IN !!

From Castillejo’s cross, Ante Rebic unleashes a one-touch shot from close range to give Buffon a chance to stop.

Milan got the first scoring
Milan got the first scoring

60 ‘: NOT IN!

Ibrahimovic finishes the penalty area but Buffon makes a clearance.

58 ‘: Kessie is shown a yellow card for a foul on Dybala.

53 & # 39;: Cuadrado’s long-range shot sent the ball over the bar.

51 & # 39;: Ramsey touches the ball outside the box. Milan’s subsequent free-kick did not pose a danger.

49 & # 39;: Ibrahimovic shot down and missed the ball.

48 & # 39;: Ronaldo’s left-wing was blocked.

47 ‘: NOT IN!

Rebic invaded the penalty area and shot, but Buffon still proved excellent with a precise corner kick.

46 ‘: Milan serves.


45 + 1 ‘: Ronaldo’s shot from outside the box is blocked by Kessie.

45 ‘: Cuadrado rolls on the field after eating Kessie’s elbow, but the referee skips it.

43 & # 39: Harnandez fouled Dybala and received a yellow card.

41 ‘: NOT IN!

Calhanoglu free-kick turned on the fence.

35 ‘: NOT IN!

Cuadrado takes a bold shot from outside the box, goalkeeper Donnarumma makes a clearance.

30 & # 39;: Ibrahimovic receives a yellow card for a foul on De Ligt.

29 ‘: NOT IN!


23 ‘: NOT IN!

A brilliant save was made by Buffon

19 & # 39; Dybala is offside before that was a good move by Ronaldo before the penalty area.

17 & # 39: Matuidi hung the ball but was a bit high, Cuadrado could not hit the near post.

15 ‘: The possession is 35% – 65% in favor of Juventus.

11 ‘: NOT IN!

Ibrahimovic hit the heel in the penalty area incorrectly.

7 & # 39: Ronaldo was fouled outside the penalty area. Then the ball of Dybala was defended by Milan defenders.


5 ‘: NOT IN!

Rebic hit long shot Buffon!

4 ‘: The two teams are constantly losing the ball.

2: Ibrahimovic has a header on the cross but the ball goes too high.

1 ‘: Juve serves.