Juventus keeps Ronaldo, turning 3 stars into substitutes

Juventus decided to keep Ronaldo and sell a few stars in the squad to balance the club’s finances.

To keep financial balance, Juventus may …

Rumors related to Ronaldo’s future continuously appear in recent days. Some sources said the old lady will have to sell the 35-year-old striker because she doesn’t have enough money to pay her salary. The COVID-19 pandemic made the Turin team financially difficult.

Juventus keeps Ronaldo, turning 3 stars into substitutes

However, Tuttosport recently reported that Juventus would decide to retain Ronaldo at all costs, despite the Portuguese superstar who was the highest-paid team with 31 million euros/year.

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This is only the second season that Ronaldo played for Juventus. Despite turning 35, the Portuguese striker still maintains the instinctive “killer” extremely stable with 24 goals in 32 appearances in all competitions.

In addition to retaining Ronaldo, Juventus also continues to give opportunities to De Ligt and captain Chiellini. However, three players including Pjanic, Rugani and De Sciglio had to leave to help the old lady in financial balance. These are all high-paid players but not much contribution to the team.

Also related to finance, Juventus recently reached an agreement with the players on salary cuts. Ronaldo and his teammates want to help the team overcome difficulties in the context of the complicated COVID-19 pandemic.

‘Cristiano Ronaldo is selfish because he is obsessed with victory’

Polish goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny has recently shared interesting stories about teammate Cristiano Ronaldo in the Juventus shirt.

On Friday, Polish television station Eleven Sports asked goalkeeper Szczesny to compare Cristiano Ronaldo with fellow Bayern Munich compatriot Robert Lewandowski.

“I think Ronaldo is more focused on work. There are jokes before and during training. He is a machine. Lewandowski is a bit more relaxed. I don’t compare who works more, but Ronaldo gets obsessed with this work, “the Juventus goalkeeper said.

Szczesny praised Ronaldo’s training. 

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Ronaldo has a selfish face on the pitch and I think that face makes him one of the best players in football history. Sometimes he looks frustrated and so looks selfish.

It is just an obsession with victory, the obsession is the best and asks others to help him. It is not healthy to have 6, 7 or 10 people with such a character in the dressing room, but one person motivating others to be better is a positive thing, “Szczesny added.

Although turning 35, Ronaldo has not shown signs of age. The Portuguese superstar has contributed 25 goals and 3 assists for Juventus in this season.

Currently, Serie A is still delayed due to the outbreak of COVID-19. All Juventus players were quarantined after Blaise Matuidi, Daniele Rugani and Paolo Dybala all tested positive for COVID-19.

“My health is very good. I have returned to the country, so I have to separate from my family. It is difficult to stay in Italy because I am alone. Because I am home with my family, I am not bored. “, Szczesny said.

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