Juventus Club Devalued, Has To Sell CR7: Ready To Return To MU?

Italian media recently reported that striker Cristiano Ronaldo may leave Juventus Club earlier than expected because the Old Lady of Turin is facing the risk of the financial crisis because of the pandemic. If this scenario happens, can the Portuguese superstar choose which club to be the next stop?

The economy failed because of the pandemic

CR7 joined Juventus Club in 2018 after 9 successful years at Real Madrid. Having created one of the most successful CVs in football history, CR7 is therefore still an expensive star when Juventus Club welcomed him and the Turin club paid a huge amount of money to complete the deal.

Juventus no longer has a positive economic effect from the purchase of Ronaldo
Juventus no longer has a positive economic effect from the purchase of Ronaldo

However, recently the Italian press has said that it seems that the positive economic effect from CR7‘s purchase has now disappeared for Juve. They saw their shirt sales soaring and their stock values ​​reached unprecedented levels since their listing on the stock exchange, but after two years these effects were gone.

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CR7 arrived in Turin on July 13, 2018 and a few days earlier, when the deal was publicly revealed, the share price was at 0.66 euros. When the Serie A 2018/19 season began, the price rose to 1.67 euros, before falling only a month after the start of information about Ronaldo’s rape case.

The share price of Juventus Club then inched up to 1.7 euros before the club was eliminated in the Champions League quarter-finals last season under Ajax, causing the price to drop 24%. Prices stabilized this season and were at 0.71 euros, before the epidemic occurred and dropped to 0.54 euros/share, lower than before Ronaldo arrived. The rampant disease situation in Italy promises to make Juventus Club‘s stock even lower as football activities have been postponed indefinitely.

Ronaldo is the "golden egg" of Juventus but the salary is too high while football is postponed
Ronaldo is the “golden egg” of Juventus but the salary is too high while football is postponed

The unfortunate situation for Juventus Club when the epidemic was something they could not control, that the club’s stock value remained quite stable during the time CR7 played for the club. Even in early 2019, they were optimistic about the possibility that the team would reach a value of 1 billion euros, and now the value is 950 million euros.

The Italian press recently mentioned the possibility that Ronaldo could be sold by Juventus if he could not afford it economically. Ronaldo not only costs € 100 million in summer 2018 but also the highest salary in both the club and the Serie A, at 30 million euros/year. The second-highest earner in Serie A, Mathijs De Ligt, has not even surpassed the 10 million euros mark.

There are two potential berths for CR7 if he leaves Juventus

Sport Mediaset in Italy recently commented on the possibility of Ronaldo leaving Turin and now there will only be two possible destinations for the Portuguese superstar. Either he will come to the strange land of France and join the very expensive Paris Saint-Germain team, or return in the warm welcome of MU fans.

According to Sport Mediaset, only these two clubs have enough money to pay Ronaldo and have enough strength to survive the epidemic season. Besides, of course, MU has the advantage of training Ronaldo as an outstanding player today, the day he returns to CR7 will more or less create an optimistic mentality for MU players. They have not been competing for the Premier League title for a long time and a great superstar will instill confidence in the young players of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer aimed at big goals.

Will there be a memorable day for Ronaldo at MU?
Will there be a memorable day for Ronaldo at MU?

PSG has been welcoming many old stars (but not as old as CR7 now) like David Beckham or Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and they, of course, have the motivation to win the Champions League with one of the most successful players in this arena. In addition, Neymar is likely to return to Barcelona after this season and Kylian Mbappe is also difficult to stick with the French capital team.

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For M.U, this is also a familiar place for Ronaldo because the Juventus Club number 7 striker played at Old Trafford from 2003 to 2009 before moving to Real Madrid for a record of £ 80 million. As for PSG, representatives of the French capital have long been famous for “playing”, so they are said to be able to make CR7 satisfied in terms of income.

However, if you want to own Ronaldo, PSG will most likely have to sacrifice one of their top two strikers, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe. This is understandable because selling a star on the offensive will give PSG more budget to recruit Ronaldo. In addition, coach Thomas Tuchel also lessens the headache in arranging the striker when both Ronaldo and the two players mentioned above certainly do not accept to be friends with the bench.

In addition to PSG and M.U, some “big players” such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea also have a reputation suitable for Ronaldo. The problem is that CR7 himself wanted to leave La Liga because he was tired of competing with his rival Lionel Messi. So Real and Barca are not suitable for him.

Bayern’s policy, meanwhile, is not to recruit players that are too old and that Ronaldo is 35 years old. On the side of Man City, this team is banned from participating in the Champions League for violating the laws of financial fairness. In the end, Chelsea and Liverpool were simply not ready to spend large sums of money in exchange for Ronaldo’s services.
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