Japan vs Oman Prediction | World Cup Qual. AFC | 09/02

Japan vs Oman prediction: The second qualifying round in Asia witnessed the superiority of Japan when they won all 8 matches. The first opponent of Moriyasu’s students in the 3rd qualifying round was Oman, who lost 7/8 previous confrontations. The disparity is so large, it is hard for even the most optimists to believe in a positive outcome for Oman.

Japan vs Oman Prediction


  • Match date: 11:10 a.m – 2021/09/02
  • Event: World Cup Qual. AFC
  • Stage: Matchday 3rd
  • Location: Panasonic Arena



Japan got a ticket to the 3rd qualifying round before 2 rounds with a performance that can be said to be perfect. With a squad that has many stars playing in Europe, Japan still plays with determination against any opponent. 8 matches won, explosive attack scored 46 goals and only conceded 2 times. Outstanding level and extremely high performance, the last 4 matches were the destruction of Mongolia 14-0, Myanmar 10-0, or Kyrgyzstan 5-1. With a jubilant spirit, preventing Japan from having another bold victory is too difficult for Oman

Japan vs Oman Prediction

Coming in second in Group E and getting a ticket to get to the 3rd round, Oman did not leave much of an impression on the past journey. Apart from easy matches against weak opponents like Afghanistan, India and Bangladesh, Oman has no score against Qatar. The gameplay is quite monotonous and relies heavily on the defense, but the level difference compared to the first group is still too large. This is partly reflected in the defeat to Saudi Arabia in the Gulf Cup with a score of 1-3, the tournament in which they were eliminated from the group stage. The last 3 times as a guest of Japan, Oman all conceded 3 or more goals, it is hard to hope for a surprise.

The strength of Japan is undisputed, the last 3 receptions they scored a total of 10 goals against Oman. This rematch is no exception when Moriyasu’s students are performing in destructive form.

Select: Over 2.75 FT.


Not only superior in strength, but the confrontation history is also supporting Japan. In the past 8 times, Japan won 7 matches, 3/4 home matches had a difference of 3 goals or more. Not to mention the preparation process of Oman due to the impact of the pandemic faced many difficulties.

Oman played quite poorly in the second qualifying round, especially in the defeat against Qatar. In the opposite direction, Japan’s statistics say it all, 8 victories scored 46 goals and only conceded 2 times. The 5-1 victory over Kyrgyzstan in the last round showed the determination and extremely professional spirit of the stars of the rising sun. With too many advantages in hand, students of Moriyasu will not give their opponents even the slightest chance in this match.

Select: Japan FT.


European odds assess Japan’s ability to win completely. Class and form distinct, Japan is simply unstoppable at this point. The ability of Oman to surprise is almost zero because their strength is too limited.

Japan vs Oman Prediction

Select: Japan FT.

Japan vs Oman Prediction: Japan 4 – 0 Oman FT (2-0 H1).


Japan: Kawashima, Yoshida, Sakai, Itakura, Nagamoto, Endo, Osaka, Minamino, Kamada, Morita, Ito.

Oman: Al Rushaidi, Al Breiki, Al Harthi, Al Alawi, Durbein, Al Kaabi, Al Khaldi, Al Hajri, Al Yahmadi, Al Fazari, Al Ghafri.

The above is information about the prediction in the 3rd match of World Cup Qual. AFC between Japan vs Oman on 2021/09/02 of the CMD368 bookie.