James Rodriguez and the tragedy of the prince

James Rodriguez is talented, handsome and not lacking in explosive moments. But he never really flashed to become a king.

James seems to be counting down the days he left Real Madrid. Last week, Marca ran the headline: “James, the day of breaking up is about to point.”

They even wrote a long article to analyze the “down” of the Colombian midfielder by implicitly concluding that James Rodriguez is a completely failed contract of the Royal Spanish Club.

James was brought by President Perez with a lot of expectations
James was brought by President Perez with a lot of expectations

Sad ending of the prince

Nearly 6 years after arriving at the Santiago Bernabeu, James’ white dream is coming to an end. Before the 2014 World Cup, the Monaco midfielder once said that going to Real Madrid would be the best dream of his career.

On July 22, 2014, James Rodriguez landed Real for nearly 80 million euros, becoming the fourth most expensive contract in the history of world football. A new Galactico has joined the galaxy.

James Rodriguez was then handsome, talented, just shining in the World Cup in Brazil. He is the top scorer of the tournament with 6 goals, including a superb volley against Uruguay which surprised the world.

Real’s No. 10 shirt was given to James. In the first season under coach Carlo Ancelotti, the midfielder scored 17 goals for the “White Vulture” and was praised all words. However, it was almost the only season in which James showed the hallmark of a Galactico at the Bernabeu.

Zidane sat on the Real Madrid coach’s chair and opened the most successful period in the team history. The presence of the French coach also pushed James Rodriguez to make more friends with the bench.

From playing to 46 games under Ancelotti, James’s starting kick at Real then gradually decreased and until the 2017/18 season, he was pushed to Bayern Munich.

AS revealed that Zidane had crossed out James’s name in the plan for 2021. It was a definitive and somewhat harsh decision of Zidane in the context of this year’s season being delayed due to the epidemic.

Madrid media even believe that James no longer has the opportunity to play for Real in the future. His contract with Real Madrid is only valid until 2021, so this club is working hard to avoid losing players.

This season, James Rodriguez has only played 13 times (650 minutes of play) for Real. He has not been used since the embarrassing defeat of 3-4 against Real Sociedad in the Copa del Rey quarter-finals in early February.

In the context of the disease is raging, Real probably just want to send James Rodriguez away as quickly as possible before the contract expires.

James once fascinated the world with the super product in the 2014 World Cup.
James once fascinated the world with the super product in the 2014 World Cup.

Different from Zidane

To assess the failure of a blockbuster contract, one can cite a number of reasons. It is injuries, the decline of the rest of the team, behind-the-scenes factors or even the lack of effort of the players themselves.

What is James’s failure? Sources from the dressing room Real Madrid revealed that James Rodriguez was not a “rotten apple” in the squad. He is willing to practice overtime and have a good relationship with the rest of the team.

He was once a dream contract with Real, but not suited to Zidane. That is probably the most important reason.

“When James joined Real Madrid, the fans and the president of the club were very excited. However, Zidane did not want James, he will not play if he stays,” Colombian football legend Carlos Valderrama commented.

When he first arrived at Real, he always considered Zidane the biggest idol. The relationship between both is not really as bad as between the French coach and Bale. However, he has never been Zidane’s favorite midfielder.

The Real Champs page claims that being a top attacking midfielder in the world makes Zidane very demanding with his juniors playing in the same position.

Former Juventus, coach Marcelo Lippi once commented that Zidane is a talented but talented player in the game and always ready to support the defense.

James Rodriguez is not like that. He owns the left leg very well but has never been good at the defensive. James is like an old-fashioned No. 10 model of world football, who is gradually going to extinction.

The victim of the Zidane – Perez war?

It cannot be said that Zidane is not trying to use James. However, the French coach never intended to build a game around the Colombian midfielder.

This was contrary to Perez’s will. The construction tycoon believes that contracts like Bale or JaJames Rodriguez mes (both brought by him) must be given the opportunity to succeed.

Having witnessed Ancelotti’s departure for not being able to use Bale before, Zidane understood what he had to do. The subsequent success of Real strengthened the French coach’s power in the underground battle with Perez.

Zidane always asks for the power of a manager, not just a coach. Zidane’s sudden departure from Real Madrid eal in the summer of 2018, then a year later, was also in that underground battle.

Zidane wants to treat “militarist” Bale? Perez must agree. Zidane did not want to use James, Perez accepted after seeing the Colombian midfielder return from Bayern Munich.

For Colombians, the most talented attacking player of football in this country in recent years deserves more respect.

After Valderrama, another Colombian football legend, Faustino Asprilla, also expressed stiffness: “He needs to go to a place where the coach wants him in the squad, not a toy of the president. “.

“He is talented enough to play in any team,” the legend concluded. James Rodriguez has won trophies at Real Madrid or Bayern. However, his mark in those feats is extremely faint.

James Rodriguez will be 29 years old in July. From his position as an expected prince, he will not have much time left to become an emperor. “There is a falling star,” Goal once commented on him.

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