Jadon Sancho: From Man City waste to the world’s top star

Just 3 years ago, Jadon Sancho was a little-name player and could not stand the Man City youth team. But now, he was the target that the whole world pursued.

Jadon Sancho’s career

Not many young players want to leave when they are in the top training ground of the fog (Man City), and the opportunity to work with the famous coach Pep Guardiola. But Jadon Sancho was different, the player decided to leave Etihad in the summer of 2017. At that time, many domestic experts thought that Sancho would move to a softer, less competitive environment in small teams.

But Sancho thinks otherwise, he even made a bold move to go abroad at the age of 17, joined the famous Borussia Dortmund and was given the number 7 shirt – when Ousmane Dembele moved to Barca. At that time, Sancho knew his value, the player scored 20 goals in 35 matches at the Man City youth team – and all he needed was just an opportunity to show himself.

Sancho was in Man City’s shirt
Sancho was in Man City’s shirt

Move to Bundesliga, the best player in U17 Europe immediately proved his talent. With good technique and skill through people, SaJadon Sancho became Dortmund’s top assist with 37 cleanups after 69 matches. Besides, he also contributed 27 goals. An impressive parameter for a teen star. He also became the first player to score 25 goals in the Bundesliga when he was 18.

This impressive performance made coach Gareth Southgate not to be missed

In October 2018, this impressive performance made coach Gareth Southgate not to be missed, and Jadon Sancho made his first appearance in England. Debuted in a 3-0 victory over the USA, so far the former young Green Man has had 11 caps for the Three Lions, scoring 2 goals.

Jadon Sancho is driving the world crazy
Jadon Sancho is driving the world crazy

Jadon Sancho still maintains a terrible performance this season, the parameters that any employer must be surprised (20 goals, 17 assists in all fronts in the club / national team). Along with Erling Haaland, he is Dortmund’s most valuable star. Across Europe, only Kylian Mbappe is considered more expensive than this player.

When he left England to look for opportunities for himself, maybe Jadon Sancho himself could not think things went so smoothly. Currently, he is the goal of every team in the world, especially the Premier League giants. Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool are ready to spend 120 million pounds to bring him back, to “correct” for Man City.

Manchester United are confident they will buy Dortmund’s young star

If they spend 120 million pounds, Manchester United will ‘lift’ young talent Jadon Sancho from Dortmund.

Sancho is the jewel of Dortmund
Sancho is the jewel of Dortmund

Manchester United are leading the race to sign Jadon Sancho, a young talent costing 120 million pounds. Borussia Dortmund winger, after a reputation for leaving Germany next summer, has received much attention.

According to the Mirror, Manchester United is having the most advantage because this team is shopping green in the near future by Vice President Ed Woodward. Therefore, the amount of 120 million pounds is not out of the affordability of the home team Old Trafford.

Obviously, the price of £ 120 million is considered too high for some clubs, except for Manchestere United. On the club’s website, Man United believes that £ 120 million represents the level Sancho has and the player can bring even more benefits to the team. If agreed with this price, Sancho will break the record transfer fee of 89 million pounds belongs to Paul Pogba.

Sancho scored 16 goals for Dortmund in all competitions this season before the Covid-19 pandemic caused football to pause globally.

And today 26/3, this midfielder turns 20. Hpefully, in the near future, when the football tournaments come back, Jadon Sancho will spreed up his performance and hone more agile skills.
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