Jadon Sancho And The Most Important 20-Year Milestone In Career

On March 25, 2020, Jadon Sancho will turn 20, an extremely memorable milestone for this talented young player. He is one of the goals that the whole of Europe wants and owns for himself a huge collection of records.

Jadon Sancho and the most important 20-year milestone in his career

At 20, Jadon Sancho had 27 goals and 33 assists in just 69 games for Dortmund in the Bundesliga. Since Germany’s premier league was founded in 1953, no young player like Sancho has made such a respectable record.

The young English star now has 14 goals in the Bundesliga this season. Only two great strikers, Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski (25 goals) and RB Leipzig’s Timo Werner (24 goals) have more goals than him.

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Jadon Sancho is also ranked 2nd in the list of the best assist players in the tournament with 15 times creating conditions for teammates to score. Only Thomas Mueller (16 assists) stands above him.

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Last season, he also scored 12 goals and added 14 assists. Since the 1992/93 season, only one Henrikh Mkhitaryan (20 assists in 2015/16) has more assists in one season than Jadon Sancho. And he is trying to break Mkhitaryan’s record this season.

In December 2019, Sancho became the youngest participant in Bundesliga history to score 22 goals, beating the ex-striker of Stuttgart, Horst Koppels and Borussia Monchengladbach. It is a record that has existed since 1968.

In Dortmund’s 5-0 win over Union Berlin on February 1, 2020, Jadon Sancho became the first Bundesliga player to score 25 goals for a club before his 20th birthday.

However, for Sancho, this season was not always simple and Dortmund had to be very flexible in managing his jewel.
However, for Sancho, this season was not always simple and Dortmund had to be very flexible in managing his jewel.

In October 2019, Sancho returned to Germany 24 hours after his return to England to focus on the national team. Dortmund fined the youngster £ 86,000 and let him sit out in the next match.

In November 2019, Sancho was substituted after only 36 minutes in the match against Bayern because he was playing like a dream. Coach Lucien Favre said after the game: “I had to make a decision because he seemed to be having psychological problems”.

During the Winter 2020 vacation, Jadon Sancho made the club indignant when posting a video of himself flying on a private jet, enjoying a gold steak costing more than £ 200.

German media especially condemned this dominant play. Bild said that he ruined his reputation while Die Welt thought it was unacceptable to the public even though Sancho had the right to do anything with the money he earned.

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As for the Dortmund club, they did not give a penalty to their bright star but there were reminders for Sancho to have a better awareness.

Jadon Sancho And The Most Important 20-Year Milestone In Career

Another problem with Sancho is that although he is flourishing at the club, he has not really impressed when playing for England. Up to now, this young star has had 11 caps for the Three Lions since his debut with Croatia in October 2018. However, he has only got 2 goals and 4 assists, too little compared to expectations.

A big question waiting for Sancho when he turns 20 is to decide his future next season. The young man left City in 2017 on a three-year plan to gain experience in Germany before returning to England this summer.

There are dozens of giants lined up for his signature such as Man United, Chelsea and Liverpool in the Premier League, Real and Barca in La Liga, Juventus in Serie A, PSG in Ligue 1 and Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga.

However, the global pandemic could cause Sancho‘s plan to fail and he is considering staying in Dortmund for another year.

In Germany, Jadon Sancho is considered the best player in the tournament. But he needs to move to a bigger club than Dortmund to prove his ability and reach class. The next destination can affect the player’s career.

The 20s mark that Jadon Sancho is no longer a child. You need to make the most important decision in your career, you need to identify the milestones that you need to work towards and know how to behave more maturely.
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