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J.League 2 matches prediction about the teams’ current performances and the most current matches of the teams, the detailed stats of the upcoming match.

Zweigen Kanazawa vs Kyoto Sanga – J.League 2 matches prediction

 J.League 2 matches prediction

Zweigen Kanazawa is experiencing a bad season compared to previous years. Although the achievements are not necessarily high, generally still at an acceptable level with a team that is always considered as a relegation candidate when they have still won many victories over the past time.

On the other side of the front line, Kyoto Sanga FC is having a very impressive start when only having to receive 2 defeats since the beginning of the season and is still getting 5th place quite stable and has never shown any decline or decline. Therefore, as J.League 2 matches prediction, they will know how to win 3 points from the first hand Zweigen Kanazawa played very precariously from the beginning of the season.

That similarity comes from the fact that Zweigen Kanazawa is playing with a home advantage while Kyoto Sanga FC is having better stability and performance. Therefore, the very unstable Zweigen Kanazawa right now is unlikely to make this up.

Indeed this can be seen as a confrontation that is worth the wait, especially for those who love beautiful and dedicated football. Because Zweigen Kanazawa and Kyoto Sanga FC are both having an impressive scoring form when they have opened fire continuously in recent rounds. In addition, the defenses of both are playing extremely superficially and loose, especially on the Zweigen Kanazawa side.

  • Zweigen Kanazawa: Kato, Ohashi, Shirai, Hasegawa, Hiroi, Yamamoto, Mori, Fujimura, Kaneko, Komatsu, Kakita.
  • Kyoto Sanga FC: Toshima, Caue, Francis, Otani, Santos, Hirose, Obu, Horigome, Takagi, Watanabe, Leonardo.

Mito Hollyhock vs Tokyo Verdy

 J.League 2 matches prediction

Mito HollyHock is really having certain problems when he has to march away from home, specifically, they have lost almost all the matches played on away the field in the past time. That is the main reason why the performance of this team lacks stability because they still play quite well at their home field while continuously winning points here.

On the other side of the front line, Tokyo Verdy is going through a series of very bad matches when after consecutive matches being held by weaker opponents, they were defeated by FC Ryukyu at home. Obviously, as J.League 2 matches prediction, receiving a weak opponent like Tokyo Verdy at home will be a better opportunity for Mito HollyHock to win all the points.

That advantage comes from the fact that Mito HollyHock is played at home and still shows a fairly high performance here. Moreover, today’s visitors were just 1 Tokyo Verdy, not too formidable. So putting faith in the home team is completely wise.

Mito HollyHock is showing a very open and free-kick. They have continuously scored in the past time, but the defense of this team has not shown the necessary certainty. Meanwhile, Tokyo Verdy has also gradually improved their inherently poor scoring ability.

  • Mito HollyHock: Matsuda, Kida, Tanabe, Serantes, Kikuchi, Yoshimoto, Shinohara, Ishihara, Ishizu, Kido, Morimoto.
  • Tokyo Verdy: Narawa, Taira, Sato, Yong-Jick, Inoue, Kamifukumoto, Wakasa, Ibayashi, Watanabe, Fujimoto, Vieira.

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