Italy suspends Serie A because of the Covid-19 crisis

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Tuesday announced that the country’s top football league (Serie A) would be suspended due to the Covid-19 outbreak in the country.

Ronaldo in the match Juventus won Inter without the audience Serie A
Ronaldo in the match Juventus won Inter without the audience Serie A

Covid-19 is affecting Sporting Events

Mr. Conte said at a press conference in Rome that there was no reason why sporting matches, events should continue and he was thinking about the football championship. The Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) on Tuesday recommended that all sporting events in the country be halted until March 3.4 to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, including Serie A.

Earlier, the Serie A BTC complied with the government’s request when organizing matches in an audience field. However, after the Italian Government announced the blockade of a large area in the North to prevent transmission of Covid-19 (there were 9,172 cases of infection, 463 deaths), the Sports Minister, Mr. Spadafora announced an suspend on Serie A, while the country’s Football Association President Damiano Tommasi has suggested that “stopping football is the most useful thing for our country right now”.

Serie A
The Italian government sealed off a large area of ​​the North to prevent the Covid-19 outbreak

For the suspension of all sports, CONI asked “the government to issue a special decree that could override the present,” which stated that sporting events could still be completed. fight, but behind closed doors.

CONI explained more in a his announcement that “international competitions, for both clubs and national teams, are not under the jurisdiction of the Italian National Olympic Committee and therefore cannot be governed by decisions. specified today “.

The move will more or less affect the return leg of the 1/8 Champions League round between Juventus and Lyon next week. In the early hours of this morning (10.3) Sassuolo beat Brescia 3-0 and this could be the last Serie A match until March 3.4.

Italy blocked the country because of COVID-19, banned the gathering of people and football Serie A

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte

Apart from the negative effect of Covid-19  on sports, particularly the on-going Serie A, it is posing a threatening danger for the whole country. On March 9, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced that all Italy would be placed under a blockade until early April, according to Reuters news agency. The Washington Post said it was an unprecedented new measure to curb COVID-19 in the country.

Under measures that have been extended nationwide, Italians are required to stay at home and public gatherings and Serie A football matches are prohibited.

Unprecedented measures will cover the entire Mediterranean nation of more than 60 million people, as the number of deaths due to COVID-19 in the country has increased to 463, while the number of cases up to 9,172. shift. All of Italy, including the islands of Sicily and Sardinia, was affected.

The Italian leader al said: “The right decision today is at home. The future of Italy is in our hands. These hands must be more responsible than ever.”

He said the new measures will take effect from March 10 to April 3-4 and that means all schools and universities will remain closed during this period. Access to and from Italy as well as between Italian cities will be limited.

Serie A
Italian police work at a checkpoint located between two isolated provinces, Modena and Bologna on 9-3

According to the decree cited by Reuters, people should only travel for work, medical needs or emergencies. Public transport still works, but Mr. Conte said he wants people to stay indoors.

Those who want to travel should complete a declaration explaining the reason. The citizen will only be able to travel around between cities for emergency reasons. If found guilty, they will face imprisonment or a fine.

However, it is not clear how Italy will apply all these measures on such a large national scale. Conte said all public gatherings in the public would be banned due to Covid-19 and all sporting events, including Serie A football matches, would be stopped.

“We don’t have time anymore. The numbers are showing a significant increase in the number of cases, the number of people receiving intensive care and the number of deaths. Our habits must change now. We have to give up these things for Italy “- Conte explained.
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