Is Sir Alex Ferguson Really A ‘War Psychologist’?

Only thanks to the success that Sir Alex Ferguson has always been remembered for the “excellent psychological battle”. Nobody needs to remember or argue about the counter-effects of “psychological warfare,” when master Ferguson must lose.

Is Sir Alex Ferguson Really A 'War Psychologist'?

Is Sir Alex Ferguson Really A ‘War Psychologist’?

Only one thing is for sure: Alex Ferguson was never a calm coach. He said that he did not care about important people. He scolded his players. He said, “ripping off the hoof” of things that other people would not dare to say. In this respect, Ferguson is so famous that people have used the image of him “educating” in front of the stars sitting still, bowing their heads, in an impressive advertising clip. Commentators also said that one of the most unfortunate places the Premier League has now lost is the post-match press conference full of fun, with Alex Ferguson.

The question is: just pass, the “Sir Alex” is like that, or does Alex Ferguson do so for the purpose of “psychological warfare”, always making MU benefit?

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When MU struggled to win against Leeds United, during the deciding period of the 1995/96 season, Ferguson declared himself bad, that “he did not understand the Leeds players”. Then Alex Ferguson “complimented” the beauty of the opponent: “They always played like that, they had to stand near the top of the table.” In fact, Leeds are a weak team, standing near the bottom of the table. Ferguson encouraged the spirit of the Leeds players just because then, Leeds will meet Newcastle, which is the main opponent of M.U in the race to win the championship that season.

With only this much, it is considered that Ferguson made a “great psychological battle”! People praised this “great way” of Ferguson. When returning to reality, Leeds lost but did not win Newcastle, then it is nothing worth discussing!

Alex Ferguson was never a calm coach
Alex Ferguson was never a calm coach

Such crazy stories continued one after the other so that at some point in time, Alex Ferguson automatically became a master of war psychology. It is considered that the words in Ferguson’s dressing room, during the break between the two halves, is the reason why MU beat Newcastle in the match that is crucial to the race to win the 1995/96 season. In fact, Ferguson always shouted like that in the dressing room, if MU has not had favorable results when the first half ended. There are no statistics that can tell the effect of those champions.

An MU player once revealed: “Yes, many of them no longer care what Ferguson will say. Definitely have to have a shout, if MU left the field after the first half with unfavorable results. Regardless of what he will scold. In such a case, a random, very large, full metal water pitcher was placed on the table. In a rage, “Sir Alex” swung his fist hard at the vase. Because it was full of water, the jar did not budge. And this is an interesting revelation of the story of Ferguson’s habit of scolding his students: everyone had to try to grit their teeth so they wouldn’t laugh. “Boss” must have hurt his hand, after that punch.

Psychologist Stephen Smith, well known for his analysis of sports personalities, once thought that Ferguson’s tactics (psychology of war) could harm him. Although Smith said that in the 1995/96 season, which ended the MU championship, but it was pure sports results, but no one doubts Smith’s “ignorant” psychologically, in his profession. Besides, Ferguson had been frustrated by the psychological game of the previous season, when he missed the chance to win the championship from Blackburn, right in the last round.

People remember Ferguson when he said Arsene Wenger (in 1997) “came from Japan, didn’t know anything about English football, so shut up”. Few associate this “way” with Arsenal’s 1998 Premier League title and became famous for a long time under the guidance of Wenger. Is that the opposite effect of psychological blow? Well, let the legendary Ferguson … just like that. There is nothing important or unimportant in this story. Only thing: “battle mentality”, regardless of the level, is never a factor determining the attractiveness of football games.

Must immediately break up

Jaap Stam, Roy Keane, Gabriel Heinze, Ruud van Nistelrooy and David Beckham are famous stars who “clashed” with coach Alex Ferguson during their time at Manchester United. All were immediately transferred to another team, as a consequence. In many cases, Ferguson told MU: “They have to go now.” Significant coincidence: both Beckham, Van Nistelrooy and Heinze all went to Real Madrid. Ferguson later said he regretted selling Stam to Lazio.

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This is the “psychological war”

Near the end of the 1994/95 season, Alex Ferguson played a “psychological blow”, saying that the Premier League title was deemed to belong to Blackburn. His MU team only had a chance if Blackburn “made a Devon Loch shot” (it was the famous racing horse, which suddenly fell right before the finish line). Blackburn lost to Liverpool in the final round, but MU drew only with weak opponent West Ham, losing 1 point overall. Ferguson’s words made MU feel desperate? Result: Blackburn beat MU (Ferguson scored an own goal).

48. Alex Ferguson is the coach who has won the most titles in football history. He has a total of 48 championship titles with Aberdeen and MU.

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