Is LCK really becoming a “2nd place” tournament?

The obsolete game of “raising turtle” of LCK is being destroyed by other regions with initiative and aggressiveness in the last 2 years.

That is why they only have 3 slots at Worlds 2020, but fans of the LCK still cannot acknowledge this decline of their own.

T1 champion 3 times in a row

T1 won the LCK once again. The 9th trophy was taken by Faker and the list of achievements of T1 is an extra-long day. Since debuting in 2013, Faker has become a phenomenon of League of Legends not only in Korea but also in the whole world. He became the standard for any mid laner playing League.

However, that does not mean that Faker is “unmatched”, LCK still has strong names that can defeat the living legend of SKT T1 and that these names are Heo “PawN” Won-Seok.

Is LCK really becoming a "2nd place" tournament?
Edward Gaming won the MSI 2015 with two Korean players, PawN and Deft.

Not only one, but up to 2 times immediately after the 2014 World Championship, PawN and Edward Gaming won the MSI 2015 championship when defeating the most perfect version of SKT T1 at that time. Only then did people realize that if they wanted to defeat Koreans, they would only use Koreans.

SKT T1 ended its reign in 2017 after a derby against Samsung Galaxy, but the LCK’s reign or Koreans will never end with League of Legends as the regions still have a lot to rely on. Korean players.

LCK is slowly falling behind

The “export” industry of LCK players suddenly became an industry that brought a lot of profits to the Korean economy. However, concerns about the “brain drain” of the LCK also began to rekindle the emergence as more and more regions use Korean foreign troops.

Is LCK really becoming a "2nd place" tournament?
If Rookie and TheShy are replaced by two Chinese players, it is unlikely that Invictus Gaming will have won the championship in 2018.

The more Korean people bring glory to other regions, the more they see their own regions going down.

The culmination of 2018, the No. 1 seed of the Korean region, KT Rolster lost to Invictus Gaming by the monster from the land of kimchi, TheShy. By 2019, the two super rookies of LCK, Damwon Gaming and Griffin continue to be beaten by DoinB and Funplus PhoeniX.

Not only is the brain drain, but the Korean region also shows the weakness and obsolete in the game when their pride, but SKT T1 also failed to revive the uniform before G2 Esports, the team 100% Europe.

G2 Esports destroyed SKT T1 in the surprise of fans and became the new model of all eSports teams with a youthful, creative, and personality style.
G2 Esports destroyed SKT T1 in the surprise of fans and became the new model of all eSports teams with a youthful, creative, and personality style.

Part of this decline comes from the boring LCK play of the tournament region and Riot Games is gradually eliminating it through updates. Heavy matches controlled and decided by team fights are now over and the LCK is slowly lagging behind for this very reason.

Can they change it?

With 5 world championships and 2 MSI championships, Koreans have the right to trust their play, but perhaps they have fallen asleep on the victory for too long to realize that the game has changed too much.

If LPL won the last 2 years and many previous runner-up achievements, they were worthy enough to receive 4 slots at this year’s Worlds. With the remaining 4 slots being LEC, the Korean community thought that this position had to belong to them but maybe they accidentally forgot that Europe was the least dependent on Korea among the recent years. However, they still have extremely good achievements with Fnatic, G2 Esports, or before that Origen of the legendary xPeke.

Is LCK really becoming a "2nd place" tournament?
The LEC area is not as weak as you think!

To say it again, even though Korean single laners are always appreciated and the Korean players are still quality personnel for each team, the LCK area with only 3 slots is also known. a bell alert for obsolete in their own play.

LPL and LEC have successfully changed and they have an extra slot worth it. MSI 2020 was not held. But perhaps this is also good news for LEC and LPL when the young talents here will have more opportunities to express themselves, especially LPL with the continuous surge of the most passionate tournament on the planet.