It’s no exaggeration to praise the Los Angeles Lakers lineup as the strongest squad in the NBA. Currently, this is the most successful team in the world of basketball. With this formation, Los Angeles Lakers seemed to conquer victory. Let’s find out about the Los Angeles Lakers lineup in this article.

Los Angeles Lakers

Possessing a strong line-up with top stars in basketball such as LeBron James, Anthony Davis, etc; The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the top-performing basketball teams in the NBA.


Los Angeles Lakers is an American professional basketball team based in Los Angeles, California American. Lakes competed in the NBA as a member of the Western-Pacific Basketball Confederation. Founded in 1947 in Minneapolis, L.A Lakers was originally known as the Minneapolis Lakers. The Lakers quickly won the National Basketball League (NBL) Championship in 1948 before joining the American Basketball Association (BAA). At the time, George Mikan had led the Lakers to five out of six consecutive championships at BAA. However in the late 1950s, due to financial reasons and Mikan’s retirement, the team moved to Los Angeles before the 1960-61 season.

Los Angeles Lakers basketball team in the world
Lakers basketball team in the world

In the 1960s, Los Angeles Laker, led by Elgin Baylor and Jerry West, took them six times to the finals of the NBA. However, the consecutive defeat against the Celtics opened up a long-running competition between these two teams. In 1968, the Los Angeles Lakers won the Wilt Chamberlain – NBA’s most valuable player at that time. In 1972, for the first time in LA, the Lakers won their 6th NBA Championship with the guidance of head coach Bill Sharman. After West and Chamberlain retired, the Los Angeles Lakers acquired Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, also one of the NBA’s most valuable players, but failed to make the team reach the finals of the season’s award at the end of the 70s.

In the 1980s, the Los Angeles Laker was led by Magic Johnson, the team that impressed with quick break-offense so they were called “Showtime”. The Lakers won five championships over a nine-year period that included Johnson, Abdul-Jabbar, and James Worthy and coaching coach Pat Riley. In the early 90s, Johnson and Abdul-Jabbar retired, making the Los Angeles Lakers quite difficult until they bought Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant in 1996. With this duo with the direction of coaching The famous Phil Jackson, the Lakers regained form and won three consecutive championships from 2000 to 2002. After that, the team went on to win in 2009 and 2010, however, the years that followed LA. The Lakers have not regained their aura like in previous decades.


Despite many problems at the moment, the Los Angeles Lakers are still one of the most successful basketball teams in the American Professional Basketball Championship. As of 2015, the Lakers’ estimated value reached $ 2.7 billion with a series of remarkable achievements such as: holding a record with a long series of victories – 33 consecutive matches were set during the 1971-1972 season. ; the second team with the most number of championships in the NBA with 16 trophy lifts; 31 times to win the Western League and 23 times to win the regional championship. Besides, Los Angeles also holds many legends of the basketball village such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, Kobe Bryant, etc.

Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most successful football teams in America
Lakers are one of the most successful football teams in America

With the current squad and the possession of 2 players in the top 5 basketball stars of the tournament, Anthony Davis and LeBron Jame, and defense experts such as Quinn Cook, Danny Green or Avery Bradley, L.A Lakers are qualified to believe that they are the team with the best defense in the tournament.