Introduction to the Golden State Warriors

It’s no exaggeration to praise the Golden State Warriors lineup as the strongest squad in the NBA. Currently, the team owns the brightest stars in the world of basketball. With this formation, Warriors seemed to conquer victory. Let’s find out about the Warriors lineup in this article.

Golden State Warriors

Along with the Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers, the Golden State Warriors basketball team is known as one of the three strongest teams in the US NBA tournament. It can be affirmed that the Golden State Warriors‘ play has changed the contemporary basketball scene. It is no coincidence that fans rated Warriors as one of the strongest basketball teams with professional, classy play in the NBA seasons. Let’s find out about this team with the information shared right below.


Joined the American professional basketball team in 1946 under the name Philadelphia Warriors. Golden State Warriors is known as an American professional basketball team based in San Francisco in Oakland, California. The home ground of the team is located at Chase Center. The team participates in the NBA as a member of the Western Conference Pacific Division.

Golden State Warriors basketball team
Warriors basketball team

From 1946 to 1962, this team was known as the Philadelphia Warriors. Later, during the years 1962 – 1971, the team moved to the Golden State Warriors Bay area and the name of the Warriors was changed to San Francisco Warriors. At the present time, the professional American basketball team is better known as the Golden State Warriors. In addition, this team is also known by the nickname Dubs. Under the guidance of head coach Steve Kerr, Dubs is a team trained and led in a unique way. To ensure you can compete in major professional basketball matches around the world.


Undeniably the remarkable achievements of this team, when judging this is one of the strong teams of the NBA. This basketball team is known for 6 championships in the US professional league in 1947, 1956, 1975, 2015, 2017, 2018. The number of regional champions is 11 and the regional leader is 7, makes the strength and reputation of Golden State Warriors increasingly resonate. Experts say that it is not easy to overcome and defeat the Golden State Warriors in each tournament.

Golden State Warriors won the championship in the NBA tournament in 2015
Warriors won the championship in the NBA tournament in 2015

Golden State Warriors is known as the first team in NBA history to own 5 players of the All-Star level in the starting lineup. Among them, it is impossible not to mention DeMarcus Cousins.

Continuing into the NBA Finals for 4 consecutive years and winning 3 championships, Golden State Warriors still scares the other teams by showing their ability to throw 3 points. Although not a team with outstanding achievements in the NBA tradition, overall, this is considered the strongest basketball team in 2019. The brand value of this team is currently 3, 1 billion dollars, and possibly higher in the future.

In this 2019-2020 season, fans hope that Warriors will make history again by winning the US professional basketball championship. With a professional and unique ball game, with proud achievements. Warriors is truly a team that deserves the name of the strongest team of the NBA season.