Inter Will Sell The 3 Players To Recruit Federico Chiesa

In an effort to compete with PSG, MU and especially Juventus to win the ownership of Federico Chiesa, Inter has just launched a “close match”. They are willing to assign Moses, Nainggolan and Dalbert to Fiorentina as part of the Chiesa transfer contract.

Inter Will Sell The 3 Players To Recruit Federico Chiesa

Inter will sell the 3 players to recruit Federico Chiesa

As is known, Inter has planned to bid farewell to the two strikers this summer, Mauro Icardi and Lautaro Martinez. If the first person was excluded from all the plans of coach Antonio Conte and was considered a “debt burdens” because he often made things to ask for a salary, the second one is a “hot” item on the transfer market. A series of giants are lining up to search for Lautaro’s signature, making Inter be able to demand that the teams have to pay 111 million euros for the contract release fee to release the Argentine striker.

Of course, in the midst of the economic downturn due to the pandemic, whether a team could afford to buy Lautaro at that price was an uneasy question. But for Inter, they have prepared for this striker-free life when restarting the campaign to recruit Federico Chiesa. The son of former player Enrico Chiesa is the most sought-after Italian striker on the transfer market right now.

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The 22-year-old has scored 7 goals and has 5 assists for Fiorentina on all fronts since the start of the season. Play smart and brave in the great battle that “Chiesa child” was former Italy coach, Mr. Cesare Prandelli described as “capable of becoming a top striker in the world”.

Nainggolan (light shirt), one of the three Inter players who is planned to use in exchange for Chiesa (dark shirt).
Nainggolan (light shirt), one of the three Inter players who is planned to use in exchange for Chiesa (dark shirt).

Therefore, a series of big teams in Europe are trying to chase Federico Chiesa. The most notable and serious of these is PSG, which has just given up on buying Icardi, Man United and especially Juventus. The old lady in Turin is launching a lot of tricks on the transfer market, such as the reputation to buy Icardi himself, making the striker turn against PSG’s goodwill.

Juve’s mischievous moves caused Inter to accelerate in the Federico Chiesa purchase. Therefore, the Giuseppe Meazza team decided to play close to the game when they announced the readiness of two more midfielders Victor Moses, Radja Nainggolan and the full-back Dalbert for Fiorentina as part of the Chiesa deal.

This is a heavy proposal. Because both Moses and Nainggolan are experienced midfielders, they can complement the relatively youthful squad of Fiorentina. Meanwhile, Dalbert currently plays Fiorentina on loan from Inter and has had an impressive season as a left-back with six passes to the table. Keeping Dalbert and adding Moses and Nainggolan has more money, that choice Fiorentina will not be easy to refuse.

Besides, another advantage for Inter is that Federico Chiesa does not want to play abroad, but he is also worried about the possibility of starting at Juventus. In a team that Ronaldo covers all, making a famous and experienced striker like Gonzalo Higuain also has to play backward, sacrifice for CR7 to shine, the opportunity for Chiesa to affirm probably not as much as at Inter.

Of course, these are the theoretical calculations. Inter still needs more negotiations with Fiorentina to complete the Federico Chiesa deal. But the determination of the Milan team, through the moves above, is not to be underestimated.

First of all, Inter must buy Moses

The plan of Victor Moses for Fiorentina actually needs one more step. It was Inter had to buy off the Nigerian midfielder on terms of priority when borrowing him from Chelsea. This will cost Inter about 12 million euros, not a small amount in the context of the pandemic that is causing the teams to tumble.

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50 – Fiorentina will not let Chiesa leave if he only receives less than 50 million euros. Of course, that is just the floor price. Because there are so many interested teams, Fio can completely get more from this striker.

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