Inter shaking head, Sanchez returned to assist MU in the top 4

Inter Milan declined to activate Sanchez’s buy-out clause. And so, the Chilean striker will return to Old Trafford soon. The question is, can Alexis Sanchez play for MU in the last leg of the season 2019/20?

Alexis Sanchez expects to be rescued

When choosing Inter Milan as a landing on the loan deal, Alexis Sanchez expects that the final chapter of his digital shorts career will be rescued. However, things got so bad that the Milan team was also tired of the Chilean striker just like MU.

Inter decided not to buy Sanchez
Inter decided not to buy Sanchez

According to journalist Fabrizio Romano, Inter decided not to buy Alexis Sanchez. The Giuseppe Meazza team believes that Sanchez’s salary is too high compared to the player’s contribution, plus the constant injuries in the past.

In order to have the service of Alexis Sanchez, Inter had to pay 4.3 million pounds of a loan fee, at the same time bear a salary of 200,000 pounds/week, and MU paid 300,000 pounds. Therefore, the Daily Mail estimates, after “minus the first minus the tail”, Inter Milan must pay 22,000 pounds for every minute Sanchez is present on the pitch (equivalent to 667 million).

But after spending such a small amount of money, what did Inter Milan get back from Alexis Sanchez? With a total of 15 games with 610 minutes played, Sanchez contributed only 1 goal and 2 assists for Antonio Conte’s army. This is indeed a very limited number compared to Conte’s expectations of the 31-year-old.

Alexis Sanchez will return to Old Trafford earlier than expected

Therefore, according to this source, Alexis Sanchez will return to Old Trafford earlier than expected. Most likely in early June, Sanchez will be present at the headquarters of MU. The question now is whether Chilean players will be allowed to play at the end of the 2019/20 season.

In fact, it is not easy to give an answer to this question. By law, MU cannot, of course, use a player that is not registered. The English Premier League has two key staffing rounds, that is, before the new season and after the winter transfer. Meanwhile, Sanchez returned to MU in June.

However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this season has been postponed all the time and is likely to last until July, even August. The problem is that this special situation makes many teams encountering personnel issues. They will lose Odion Ighalo – a loan contract from Shanghai Shenhua due to the loan term expires. In addition, “Red Devil” is also trying to retain Lee Grant and Timothy Fosu-Mensah.

Not just MU but any other English Premier League teams are also facing this risk.

Therefore, it is entirely possible that the organizers allow the teams to be allowed to register for additional, due to the shortage of manpower. Remember, not just MU, but any other Premier League teams are also facing this risk. David Silva can leave City when the season is not over, Chelsea is also at risk of losing the Willian trio – Olivier Giroud – Pedro 

Sanchez is still capable of playing in the Premier League this season
Sanchez is still capable of playing in the Premier League this season

In case of being allowed to register additional personnel, MU will, of course, fill in Alexis Sanchez’s name. But everything is still possible. Just know that the top 4 Premier League race is becoming extremely fierce, and MU now has 3 points less than the fourth team Chelsea.

But even if Sanchez can be added, MU fans probably don’t expect much from this player. Up to the time of joining Inter Milan, Sanchez played 45 matches, including 31 kicks with a total of 2,777 minutes for the “Red Devils”, but only scored 5 goals and 9 assists. On average, every 198.4 minutes, he contributed a shoe mark to a goal and 556.2 minutes to record only 1 goal.
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