Inter Milan vs Getafe: Not willing to play on Inter pitch

Concerned about the disease COVID-19, Getafe (Spain) president Angel Torres declared his team would not go to Italy to play with Inter Milan in the round of 16 ( Inter Milan vs Getafe), Europa League.

Getafe players compete in the Europa League
Getafe players compete in the Europa League

Regretable cancelation  Inter Milan vs Getafe

On Monday, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte issued a decree to tightly control the country. It is a strong measure that the government of macaroni comes after seeing more than 9,000 people infected with Covid-19.

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As planned, the first round of 16 teams between the two teams  Inter Milan vs Getafe is expected to take place on the morning of 13-3 on San Siro Stadium of Inter Milan. However, at present, the city of Milan is seriously affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.

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The match between Inter Milan vs Getafe under the Europa League is scheduled to take place on Thursday night at Giuseppe Meazza on the field without spectators. The whole of Italy has been frozen due to the rapid spread of the new strain of corona virus, especially in the North, where the city of Milan is located.

Due to this situation, the Getafe side sent a request to find a replacement stadium. However, as reported by AS, this request has been denied.

In an interview with El Transistor, the president of Getafe Angel Torres Club expressed his tough attitude. “Unless there was a change, otherwise, we will not come to Milan,” Mr Torres said.

“We sent a demand to UEFA to find an alternative location. We didn’t want to go in the middle of the COVID-19 epidemic area, there was no reason for us to do so. We also called for help.” from the Spanish Football Federation to request a delay for this match “.

Even the president of this club bluntly declared his willingness to accept defeat but refused to go to Milan.

On 10-3, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the suspension of all sports activities in this country. This includes that Serie A matches have been postponed and no date has been set yet.

However, this announcement does not cover matches in the Champions League or Europa League.

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Getafe’s president is ready to withdraw from the Europa League.

Getafe's president is ready to withdraw from the Europa League
Getafe’s president is ready to withdraw from the Europa League

He stated Goal: “Getafe is ready to accept the disqualification because of this match  Inter Milan vs Getafe. We will not go to Italy by the middle of this week unless the situation changes significantly. We have asked the European Football Association (UEFA) to find “An alternative to playing football in Milan. We don’t want to get into translation. We don’t need to do that.”

Getafe CF is making a strong impression in the 2019/20 campaign. After finishing fifth in La Liga last season, the club has continued to stay in the same position up to the present time.

Not only that, the army led by coach Jose Bordalas also advanced deeply in the European arena. In the round of 32 of the Europa League, Getafe excellent beat Ajax is much higher than the total score of 3-2 through 2 matches.

Getafe accepted to be eliminated in the Europa League, rather than want to go to Milan
Getafe accepted to be eliminated in the Europa League, rather than want to go to Milan

In the face of the unpredictable Covid-19 epidemic in Italy, Getafe’s president, Angel Torres, was extremely worried about the health of the player during his trip to Milan for the upcoming match between  Inter Milan vs Getafe. “Getafe is ready to accept disqualification. We are not going to Italy in the middle of this week,” Goal quoted club chairman Alfonso Perez.
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