Indeed, Francesco Totti Almost Left Rome When He Was 20

Francesco Totti is considered a loyal symbol of modern football because of the whole career of playing for Roma. However, the legend himself did not think so. A few years have passed since retiring, Totti now revealed the story of unsuccessful contact with Sampdoria as a young player.

Francesco Totti Almost Left Rome When He Was 20

Nearly missed to the horizontal

If Francesco Totti and his family are easily offended by attractive offers, he may never play for Roma. When Francesco Totti was 8 years old, his mother rejected Milan because he wanted to keep his son close to home. 5 years later, Roma skipped Totti right in front of rival Lazio thanks to a young team coach who personally came to convince his parents. But the time Totti was closest to the gate leaving Olimpico came in the winter of 1997, and he himself wanted to leave at that time.

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Roma started the 1996/97 season as unexpectedly. Coach Carlo Mazzone, who has given Francesco Totti the most opportunity to play, no longer works at the club. His successor, Carlos Bianchi, did not like Totti. Dissatisfied with being viewed as a surplus in Rome, Francesco Totti tried to find another way to save his career. The destination he aims to be Sampdoria, the team who is playing like it was under the coach of Sven-Goran Eriksson.

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He loved Roma, but he did not always have the faithful thoughts of the team. “The 1996/97 season was really very difficult time for me, ”Francesco Totti admitted. “I was very close to Sampdoria, but a week before the deal took place, it had changed a lot. I am on the list of Roma youth teams participating in the international friendlies including many other tough clubs like Ajax, M’gladbach and playing well. ”

Watching Francesco Totti shine in Roma, President Franco Sensi immediately prevented the sale of him to Sampdoria. He also sent an ultimatum to coach Bianchi: It has to create conditions for Totti to continue developing. From his legacy, Totti became the main source of the anger leading to irreversible differences between the coach and the president of the club. Finally, Bianchi had to leave Rome bitterly, and Totti stayed with Roma for 20 more seasons.

The day Francesco Totti announced his retirement at the age of 41, many clubs still wanted to sign him. The Prince of Rome revealed that the teams that contacted him included Sampdoria. President Massimo Ferrero wanted Totti at all costs but his heart told him to refuse. What if he tried to continue playing the ball and had to confront or even hit the net of the old team? At that time, Totti will make millions of Romania and he is heartbroken.

Totti almost left Roma due to Bianchi coach (small picture) underestimated the ability
Totti almost left Roma due to Bianchi coach (small picture) underestimated the ability

Recruitment story, club story, friend story

In February 2006, Francesco Totti unexpectedly suffered a serious injury. He was immediately brought to the operating table with the care of the best doctors, but eventually, the result was diagnosed that the process of physical rehabilitation completely depends on Totti. Fortunately for Francesco Totti is during his depression, coach Marcello Lippi came to encourage. Love from Lippi and his teammates helped Totti recover faster than expected and with Italy Tel to conquer the world cup.

It was then that he felt he had devoted enough to the national team. It was not until the day of injury that he thought about the prospect of leaving the phone after the 2006 World Cup. At the time he was in his 30s but still plowed 60 games a season with a persistent back injury. “I can’t put my love for Roma aside to try to play for the national team anymore. Fortunately, I closed my international career with the championship. ”

Francesco Totti wants to live the quiet days of his career in Rome, but not always everything goes smoothly. The two terms Luciano Spalletti worked with Totti were filled with irreparable conflicts between the two. The “spaghetti” gentleman once made Totti miserable because he could not bring out his best at the club. Totti himself said he respected Spalletti as a player and coach, but there were things he could not like him.

Contradicting partners, but Francesco Totti always kept close friendships with a number of opponents, even though that person was Lazio coach Simone Inzaghi. Totti rated Lazio as one of the best strategists in Serie A at the moment. Because Simone can help the club compete for the championship with Juventus and Inter with a limited budget. But his love for Roma finally made Francesco Totti say, “If only he had coached a team, not Lazio.”

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Leaving without looking back

Francesco Totti officially retired from Italy in the summer of 2007, a year after the 2006 World Cup ended. Since then, he has rejected three offers to return to the Azzurri three times, including the chance to attend Euro 2008 from coach Roberto Donadoni.

Logistics is not smooth

After retirement, Francesco Totti continued to stick with Roma on the stage of the technical director. He loved this job so much that he dropped out of the UEFA coaching course because he could not arrange a time to study and work. But then, Totti’s time with Roma in that position did not last long. Last summer, he announced his resignation after publicly criticizing President James Pallotta and the team leaders for leaving him on the sidelines in important club decisions.

23. Francesco Totti has scored in Serie A for 23 consecutive seasons, from being an 18-year-old until becoming a senior in his 40s. This is a record in the top league in Italy and it is very unlikely to be knocked down for many more years.

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