Ilves Tampere vs Inter Turku Prediction | Veikkausliiga | 06/23

Ilves Tampere vs Inter Turku prediction: A match is considered an opportunity for Inter Turku to find the necessary points. Thereby improving their current ranking on the table when the opponent is a team that is rated much lower than them in recent times. Looking forward to the performance of Inter Turku players in this confrontation?

Ilves Tampere vs Inter Turku Prediction


  • Match date: 03:30 pm on 2021/06/23
  • Event: Veikkausliiga
  • Location: Tammela Stadium






Ilves Tampere currently has 10 points and is ranked 7th on the table, a not-so-good achievement of the home team. Statistics show that Ilves Tampere has 2 wins and 3 defeats in the last 5 matches, an unstable performance of their players. And this is causing them to face a lot of difficulties at the reception in the middle of next week.

Ilves Tampere vs Inter Turku Prediction

In the remaining front line, Inter Turku currently has 21 points and is ranked 2nd on the table, very high performance of them in recent times. Statistics show that Inter Turku has 4 wins and only 1 defeat in the last 5 matches. Possessing the current sublime and stable form is helping the visitors’ players gain considerable confidence in the upcoming trip away from home.

Although representing the away team, but with much superiority to the opponent, Inter Turku still confidently entered this match with high-speed play. Creating an effective game along with actively mastering the situation on the field will help the visitors’ players have more clear opportunities to attack in search of an early goal to take the lead. Expect to be an interesting match and many goals appear for Inter Turku in this confrontation.

Select: Over FT.


It is not too difficult to understand when Inter Turku is the team that is more appreciated than the opponent in this match. Because they have an extremely sublimated performance along with the 2nd place on the table at the moment. Significantly dealing with away pressure and entering confidently, deploying an effective game along with finding important goals from situations approaching the opponent’s goal will help the players. Inter Turku got a victory in this trip away from home.

Select: Inter Turku FT.


Although they are in the 2nd place in the table, the distance created by the top opponent with Inter Turku is also quite safe. So, the 3 points in this match help the visitors narrow that gap and create favorable conditions for better breakthroughs in the future. Despite being a guest, the opportunity to score points for Inter Turku is still really clear. Playing sublime and making the most of sharp opportunities to convert them into valuable goals. Believe that victory will still belong to the players and fans of Inter Turku in this confrontation.

Select: Inter Turku FT.


This is the match that Ilves Tampere is allowed to play in their holy place. But with having to face a too strong opponent of the tournament along with a low mentality when having to receive 3 consecutive defeats. It is really difficult for the home team to create an effective game in this reception. 

Talking about the away team, although the opponent is not a very weak team, with the current sublimation and superiority, sublime competition and high concentration. Believe that the final victory will still follow the Inter Turku players to leave in this encounter.

Ilves Tampere vs Inter Turku prediction: Ilves Tampere 1 – 3 Inter Turku FT (1-2 H1).

Ilves Tampere vs Inter Turku Prediction


Ilves Tampere: Rakovsky, Pennlnkangas, Viitikko, Etock, Hauhia, Tanska, Kllnga, Currals, Assehnoun, Janttl, Salmikivi.

Inter Turku: H. Moisander, N. Nurmi, J. Engström, Á. Muñiz, A. Hoskonen, R. Ketting, Aleksi Paananen, C. Ruane, E. Mastokangas, T. Kagayama, T. Furuholm.

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