Ighalo at MU: Record 1 goal to receive 8.000 Pounds

The achievement of Odion Ighalo after moving to MU is extremely impressive. This helped him score points with Solskjaer and promised to sign an official contract.

Rashford injury unable to return

In the winter transfer window of the Premier League, the shock suddenly called Odion Ighalo. At that time, the red half of Manchester was the club that brought the Nigerian striker on loan from Shanghai Shenhua Club.

Ighalo merges very quickly with MU
Ighalo merges very quickly with MU

Immediately, a number of doubts of the “Reds” fans were raised about the 30-year-old striker. Because they always think Vice Chairman Ed Woodward will bring a star of statures like Haaland, Cavani or at least the size of Joshua King, Danny Ings.

However, the “situation” of Solskjaer unexpectedly brought efficiency. In the context of Rashford injury unable to return, Ighalo gradually asserted himself and achieved a truly remarkable scoring performance.

4 goals and 1 assist after 8 matches in all competitions. On average, 80 minutes Ighalo fired once. This achievement not only crushed the skepticism of the fans, but also showed that he adapted very quickly to the play of the Norwegian teacher who was building at Man United.

Recently, the British press (ESPN, Daily Mail) has discovered more interesting details in the 6-month contract between Man United and Ighalo.

Firstly, MU was allowed to buy the player born in 1989 at the end of the season and the amount to be paid is £ 15 million. Next, Ighalo will be reduced by 40% salary from £ 300,000 / week to £ 165,000 / week when playing for Old Trafford team.

However, the Nigerian striker does not suffer too much disadvantage if played well. Specifically, after each goal scored for Man United, Ighalo will “pocket” 8,000 pounds. So with 4 goals after 8 appearances for MU, he has earned 32,000 pounds of bonuses.

Not to mention after every win, the player born in 1989 also received £ 9,000, and when the match ended with the result he drew pocket 3,000 pounds. The source said Ighalo will be very rewarded for helping MU win tickets to the Champions League next season.

Ighalo & Solskjaer
Ighalo & Solskjaer

Like Bruno Fernandes, Odion Ighalo is considered to be another successful MU contract. After recruiting the two rookies mentioned above, MU extended the sublimation chain with 11 consecutive unbeaten matches.

If you continue to play explosive and bring many goals, Ighalo promises to be awarded an official contract with the Old Trafford team. Recently, Ighalo also revealed a great love for MU from a young age.

Ighalo accepted to reduce half of the salary to sign a long-term MU

With a burning love for Man United, Odion Ighalo is willing to reduce his salary from £ 240,000 / week to £ 120,000 / week to dock at Old Trafford under a long-term contract.

The Sun revealed, although it can cost up to 6 million pounds but Odion Ighalo is still happy if he becomes an official member of MU next season.

Ighalo reached a high level in MU shirt
Ighalo reached a high level in MU shirt

Earlier this year, the Nigerian striker moved to Old Trafford on a loan until the end of the season. The devil agreed to pay Ighalo a £ 100,000 weekly fee, the rest will be paid by the Chinese club – Shanghai Shenhua.

After he performed impressively, scoring up to 4 goals in 3 major matches in the cup tournament, Solskjaer coach considered the possibility of buying the 30-year-old striker.

MU has been the Odion Ighalo football team since childhood. Because of the great love for the Red Devils, he is willing to reduce by half his salary to stick with the club.

Specifically, he is earning £ 240,000 a week in a contract with the Chinese team, which lasts until early 2021.

Former striker Watford understands that MU will not pay the same salary. Instead, he proposed cutting down to £ 120,000 / week to promote MU buy off.

Although Marcus Rashford will recover from injury next time, Solskjaer still wants to add a striker in the summer transfer market.

Odion Ighalo believes that if he continues to perform well in the red shirt, the opportunity to sign a long-term contract with his favorite team will become wide open.
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