Ighalo announced good news for MU but faced conditions from China

Ighalo is governing body, Shanghai Shenhua, is believed to have agreed to allow the player to stay in Manchester United until January next year.

Shanghai Shenhua is ready to lend Odion Ighalo to Manchester United

Ighalo arrived at Old Trafford on a short-term loan deal from Shanghai Shenhua in January 2020. Although the season has not ended because of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the agreement, the player’s contract will expire next Sunday (May 31). Coach Ole Solskjaer only wanted to borrow Ighalo for a few more months to complete the 2019/20 season but Shanghai Shenhua did not accept.

The future of Ighalo is Manchester United very interesting
The future of Ighalo is Manchester United very interesting

Representatives of China used to give a definitive signal “£20 million buys out or return” makes Manchester United awkward. Even the “Red Devil” has considered restarting the Josh King deal from Bournemouth to not be passive on the transfer table.

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In recent days, Manchester United has constantly had talks with the Chinese team, with efforts between Ighalo to stay longer. Most recently, Shanghai Shenhua has come up with a plan to allow Ighalo’s loan contract at Manchester United to last until January 2021, but in return, Ighalo must sign a new contract with Shanghai Shenhua until 2024.

Shanghai Shenhua unexpectedly launched a new solution because of its own benefits

Recent developments also show that Shanghai Shenhua’s decision is relatively wise. The Chinese league will be back next month, but will likely ban foreign players from returning to China until at least October out of concern about the risk of Covid-19 infection. Ighalo may therefore not return to China and be forced to remain in England.

The Manchester United deal asked to borrow Ighalo with new developments
The Manchester United deal asked to borrow Ighalo with new developments

Ighalo’s current contract expires in 2022 and his current salary at Shanghai Shenhua is £400,000 a week, which is very high compared to the average level in the Premier League. Earlier, Manchester United offered to pay Ighalo’s full salary to persuade Shanghai Shenhua to “release” but failed.

The reason for this is because Shanghai Shenghua Inhalo’s contract with the host team is only valid until 2022 and is worried that the Nigerian will return to Europe after an impressive time playing in the Premier League. At that time, the short-term contract will affect the transfer fee.

Ighalo has only 3 main matches for Manchester United, besides 5 appearances from the bench, but the Nigerian star has given himself 4 goals. In the context that Manchester United needs strong firepower in the remaining period of the Premier League to make sure that the Champions League place next year, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will certainly attach great importance to the ability to kick around the shoulders of this player.

Earlier, revealed to the British media, Ighalo’s representative Ladi Salami also confirmed the 30-year-old striker wants to continue to wear the Manchester United shirt. “Odion feels very comfortable at Manchester United and the two sides are about to reach an agreement on compensation. The negotiations with Shanghai Shenghua are also going smoothly.” Salami revealed.