Ice Hockey: The Elaborate Sport

If football is named the “King” sport of the Summer Olympics, then Ice Hockey would occupy a similar position during the Winter Olympics.

Long-standing origin of Ice Hockey

Around the birth of hockey, there are many doctrines, but so far most people still believe that a game in ancient Greece called “keritizein” is the beginning of this sport. From the late eighteenth century, hockey was gradually improved by the British until it became a unified whole as it is now.

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Ice Hockey

According to the policies of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), the standard game field must meet the basic necessities of size 60.98x30m. The rules are quite simple with each team of 6 players using skateboards (made of wood, aluminum or synthetic resin) to hit the ball into the opponent’s net. The match lasts 60 minutes and is divided into 3 innings without recess. 

The team taking the ball into the opponent’s net more will win. The big difference between hockey and football is that there is no time limit and the number of substitutions per match. The half-time break lasts from 15 minutes 30 seconds to 17 minutes.

First appearance at the Summer Olympics

In Summer Olympics 1920 (Belgium), Ice hockey first appeared. The test was then completely transferred to the winter sports system starting from the 2004 Winter Olympics and defaulted until the latest Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia in 2014.

Seven countries including Canada, Finland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Sweden and the United States have examined the great powers of ice hockey in the Olympic arena. In the men’s content, there are only 6/64 medals not belong to one of the seven countries mentioned above. On the women’s playing field, the medal competition in the Olympics and the World Championship is always the battle of the group of “giants”, the gold medal is always a competition of both Canadian and American teams.

Today ice hockey thrives in width and depth. The most total is still in cold regions enough to form a seasonal ice layer with perfect stiffness such as Canada, Latvia, Czech Republic, Finland, Slovakia, Russia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, … and The region is located in the Northern latitude of the United States.

Ice Hockey

Some countries like Canada and other European countries officially choose ice hockey as the national winter sport. Professional tournaments in North America like the Women’s Federation in Canada (CWHL), the American Professional League (NHL),… are becoming increasingly popular, attracting thousands of people to the field, hundreds of thousands of followers via television and just as spread as football.

Difficult, not eye-catching but still attractive

Most hockey players share the same awareness that skating skills look-alike for more than 50% of success. Traveling on a special shoe (similar to roller skates but without the wheels on the sole of the shoe but with a metal slice) requires the player to have excellent balance. For movement skills to reach the “upper level” players need to go through a long process from observing, practicing to practicing regularly with a strong determination.

Seen from outside hockey is not a sport that leaves a beautiful picture. A group of players scrambles a tiny disk, the messy clashes on the field sometimes make viewers feel frustrated and boring. That is no mention of the extremely high direct opposition that many people apprehend injury problems. However, once in the position of “insiders”, the comments that are “negative” will immediately reverse.

Usually, special skills are required in specific parts of every sport. For example, football needs the dexterity of the feet, basketball, table tennis favor special skills from the hands … With hockey on the player, the player must exercise the whole body and need to know how to coordinate rhythmically. between the aforementioned parts. “Ice hockey requires players to have flexible legs to move, skillful hands to scramble and finish. Along with that are the observing mind and the ability to judge clearly in every situation. ” A coach at the skating rink said.

Ice Hockey

There are four basic types of hockey: disc hockey, ice hockey, grass hockey, and wheel hockey. The most popular is still ice hockey with many prestigious tournaments such as World Cup Men and Women, World Youth Cup, Winter Olympics Cup, Intercontinental Cup …

Ice hockey is the most elaborate and sophisticated sport in terms of equipment and tools. In addition to skating shoes, players need to equip head protection, neck protection, protective clothing, gloves, protective pants, sticks … with prices from many costs per product
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