Hungary vs France Prediction | EURO 2021 | 06/19/2021

Hungary vs France prediction: France is superior to Hungary in terms of the outstanding quality of personnel with recent direct confrontation achievements. And it is likely that they will be the optimal choice for this match.


  • Match date: 01:00 pm on 06/19/2021
  • Event: EURO 2021
  • Stage: Matchday 2nd
  • Location: Ferenc Puskas





Hungary will face defending champion France in the second round of Group F EURO 2021. Previously, both teams had the opportunity to meet a total of 8 times. The balance of achievements is in favor of France with 4 wins and Hungary with 3 wins. In the current football era, Hungary is completely inferior to France in all aspects. At this time, the level of the away team is above the opponent’s level. This helps coach Deschamps and his students confidently win.


Hungary is one of the two host teams of Group F of death EURO 2021. But of course, they were soon considered the pawnbrokers in this group. When their opponents are all talented Continent heroes. With France – World defending Champion, Portugal – European defending Champion and Germany – the most successful team in EURO. In the second match, Hungary will face the French team.

According to experts, the away team will be at the top of the 90 minutes of this match at Puskas Arena. In terms of overall confrontation, Hungary is not too inferior to France when it has 3 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses in 8 matches. But it is worth noting that the victory of “Les Bleus” is in the last 4 matches the two teams met.

Currently, France is showing an impressive away form with 8 consecutive victories. Hungary is also enjoying a steady track record. But the problem they have is that they have no luck with the 1.5-goal handicap. In the last 5 matches at the bottom of this odds, Hungary lost with a difference of 4 times. Therefore, France is still the wiser choice.

Select: France FT.


The last 6/8 home matches against Hungary’s lower odds have the final result. The last EURO they participated in was 2016, each of their matches had an average of 3.5 goals scored. In addition, 4 consecutive confrontations of Hungary and France, the total goals are more than 3 goals. In particular, France has scored 11 goals.

Select: Over 4 FT.

Hungary vs France prediction: Hungary 1-3 France FT.


From 1978 to the time when France started to rise in the top team, they had 4 times to beat Hungary. As a result, France won all 4 matches, of which 3 ended with a score of 2 or more goals. Hungary has a home advantage, but France has outstanding strength and a convincing away record. 3 points for coach Didier Deschamps’ team is very reliable.

Select: France FT.


Hungary: Dibusz, Lang, Bese, Siger, Holender, Botka, Kalmer, Kecskes, Nagy, Szoboszlai, Nikolic.

France: Lloris, Varane, Hernandez, Pogba, Tolisso, Kimpembe, Griezmann, Pavard, Kante, Mbappe, Benzema. 

The above is information about the prediction in the 2nd round match between Hungary vs France of EURO 2021 on 06/19/2021 of CMD368 bookmaker.