Huesca vs Elche Prediction | La Liga | 04/09

Huesca vs Elche prediction – The earliest match of La Liga’s 30th round will take place between Huesca and Elche. Against the last opponent on the rankings and in bad form over time, can Huesca win to gain an advantage in this relegation battle?

Huesca vs Elche Prediction


  • Match date: 7:00 pm on 04/09/2021
  • Event: La Liga
  • Stage: Matchday 30th
  • Location: El Alcoraz


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Huesca vs Elche Prediction



What Huesca and Elche have shown recently is really pretty bad and they will have a showdown this weekend in the Spanish league. A match is considered an opportunity for both teams to find important points thereby improving their current position in the standings, whether home advantage helps Huesca get a better match and Keeping the full 3 points or it will still appear, but belongs to the players of the Elche team in this confrontation.


Huesca currently has 24 points and is ranked 18th in the standings, a relatively low achievement for the home team. Statistics show that Huesca is getting prosperous in form when bringing 1 victory, 2 draws and only 2 defeats in the last 5 matches. 

A performance not too impressive but for a team located in the lower area of ​​the standings is helping a lot for the home team players to have a stable mentality at the reception this weekend.


Elche currently has 26 points and is ranked 17th in the standings, a performance not too different from the home team. Statistics show that Elche is also getting the same performance as Huesca when bringing 1 win, 2 draws and 2 defeats in the last 5 matches, whether this helps the players. 

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Do the visitors of the away team significantly reduce the pressure on the upcoming march away from home?


The correlation of force, as well as performance, is easily recognizable in the two teams, so the fact that Huesca is playing at their holy place will give them a great opportunity to decide the outcome of this match. 

Huesca vs Elche Prediction

Create a great deal of pressure from home advantage on the away team, deploy a solid stance and follow the coaching board’s style and use the opponent’s loophole to organize a quick strike. The rare goal of the match will help Huesca players win in this rather difficult reception.

Huesca vs Elche prediction: Huesca -0.5 FT.


It is not too difficult to understand when both these teams enter with a slow mind and actively reduce the pace of the game when what they have shown in the past is not really stable. Although it does not bring many opportunities to find goals, creating such a stance will help the home and away players reduce the unfortunate mistakes that appear. A close match and few goals appear are also predictable in a confrontation like this.

Huesca vs Elche Prediction: Under 2.25 FT.


When what Huesca has shown recently is not really stable, the 3 points in this match help the home team solve many difficulties they are facing, while improving their current position on the chart. with that reinforcing the form of play for the players to help them get better performance in the current accelerating season. 

Although it is not an easy match, with home advantage as well as welcoming a team that is not too superior, playing focused and making good use of the opponent’s mistakes believe that victory still will belong to the players and home team fans in this confrontation.

Select: Huesca FT

Huesca vs Elche Prediction


The statistics on the number of goals and the number of conceded goals are also showing a great correlation between the two teams at the moment, the numbers are close together and are quite clear in the home team and away team. 

However, Huesca is a team that has an advantage when playing at their holy place and if they make good use of this, the home team hopes for a full match with 3 points can completely think of. 

Implement the style of play in accordance with the training set out by Coaching Board, play firmly and preserve the lead before scoring goals from lightning attacks, then believe that the final victory will remain. the home field of the Huesca players.

Huesca vs Elche Prediction: Huesca 1 – 0 Elche FT


Huesca: Fernández, Miguelón, Pulido, Luisinho, Sá, Mosquera, Rico, Juan Carlos, Ferreiro, Escriche, Raba.

Elche: D. Pedro, F. Chaves, M. Jonathas, N. Josan, M. Sanchez Lopez, V. Rodriguez, J. Manuel Sanchez, P. Milla Pena, S. Blazquez, M. Ferrandiz, G. Cacicedo.

The above is information about the prediction of Huesca vs Elche in the match of the 30th round of La Liga on 04/09/2021 of CMD368 bookmaker.