Huertas Del Pino received the ban for using banned substances

The sudden increase in low-end players, Huertas Del Pino, has been spotted using doping, leading organizers to impose penalties.

Huertas Del Pino uses banned substances

Cases of doping use in tennis players are on the rise. However, the governing body in the tennis village is doing its best to prevent this unsportsmanlike behavior. A series of penalties are applied at a higher level for the use of banned substances, the most significant of which is a ban on permanent competition.

Many low-level players were found to use illegal substances
Many low-level players were found to use illegal substances

Recently, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) announced that Peruvian tennis player Huertas Del Pino was banned from playing for 2 years due to doping positives. Prior to that, Huertas Del Pino performed a doping test in October last year at the ATP Lima tournament. His urine sample was then sent to a World Doping Prevention Laboratory (WADA) laboratory in Canada for analysis.

The test results show that the 25-year-old used marijuana, an ingredient banned in the WADA list of stimulants. Therefore, the anti-doping agency immediately ordered a temporary suspension of Huertas Del Pino rackets in December last year.

An independent court has indicated that Huertas Del Pino violations were not intentional. However, the attitude and cooperation with the investigating agency of the 26-year-old player are not sincere, ITF has declared severe punishment. Thus, Huertas Del Pino will be suspended from now until October 23, 2021.

The punishment for Del Pino will be a wake-up call for many young players
The punishment for Del Pino will be a wake-up call for many young players

In his solo career, Huertas Del Pino once won an ITF title. While with doubles content with his brother, the Peruvian tennis player proved better with 11 titles (9 championships in 2019 and 2 times in 2018).

Receiving cases for using banned substances

Huertas Del Pino is a typical penalty of the ITF International Tennis Federation for the use of banned substances this year. Through this severe punishment, ITF implicitly warns the players, as well as their coach, to be clearly aware of the use of banned substances in tennis.

Of course, many other names will be denounced in the future, but minimizing the increase in the use of banned substances will be the top target that the world tennis regulator.

Previously, the Chinese tennis player, Peng Shuai is also used the banned substance to receive a heavy penalty from the anti-negative committee for using tricks at the 2017 Wimbledon tournament.

Peng Shuai will be banned for 6 months, must pay a fine of $10,000 for violating the “Anti-negative rules in tennis”, the incident happened at the 2017 Wimbledon tournament. Back then, former No. 1 player The content in the doubles has spent money for the partner to withdraw from the tournament.

Female tennis player Peng Shuai received a ban on competition
Female tennis player Peng Shuai received a ban on competition

A statement from the anti-negative committee in tennis said: “No athlete has the right to use the game to influence the game. We found out Peng Shuai used the money to force his partner to agree to withdraw from the 2017 Wimbledon tournament.”

Besides Peng Shuai, her coach, Mr. Bertrand Perrert is said to have participated in this incident. Perret will be banned from work within 3 months.

In Wimbledon 2017, Peng Shuai competed in the women’s singles but soon stopped before Simona Halep in the third round. In the women’s doubles, Peng Shuai announced her withdrawal because her teammate refused to accept money to quit.


To conclude, in sports competition is increasingly improving the spirit of fairness in competition. Cases of receiving a ban and fines up to now, such as Huertas Del Pino, Peng Shuai also aim to improve the spirit of civilized and fair competition in sports today.

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