Huan Feng: From an unfortunate childhood boy to the LPL star

The touching story of Archer Huan Feng – SofM’s teammate at Suning, is a topic of great interest to the Chinese League of Legends community. 

Except for the brilliance of SofM and Bin, the reason for Suning's unexpected success in the current season is their AD carry's remarkable progress - Tang "Huanfeng"
Except for the brilliance of SofM and Bin, the reason for Suning’s unexpected success in the current season is their AD carry’s remarkable progress – Tang “Huanfeng”

Among Suning’s players who recently entered the position of the “Four Heroes of the LPL tournament“, the story of Huanfeng is probably what touched the Chinese League of Legends fans the most. Because, the player’s path to the professional arena is completely uneven, and even the 2001 player has had to experience times of extreme despair even when he is just a child.


From an early age, Archer Huan Feng had to taste all the bitterness of life. At the age of 12, his parents separated, and both left the familiar house, causing the boy to flee into an independent life since childhood. During the three years, Huanfeng received only 200 yuan (nearly 700,000 VND per month). For a long time, the boy only ate 2 cakes and 2 bottles of water a day because he had no money. That was the moment when Huanfeng always tormented himself, asking himself why did this happen to him?

The boy always tries to overcome all difficulties
The boy always tries to overcome all difficulties

With such a childhood, it is not too difficult to understand when Archer Huan Feng has a self-contained, self-contained personality. During his high school years, Huanfeng was judged by his homeroom teacher to be a quiet student, had no friends, and had difficulty communicating. The rare time this boy “opened his mouth”, however, was when Huanfeng was so feuding and quarreling with some of his classmates, that the school had to temporarily suspend him.

That was when Archer Huan Feng had an argument with his father. His father ran, pleading everywhere, not afraid to bow humbly to find a way for him to go back to school by asking to change schools. Huanfeng was not pleased to see his father bow for him. He decided to drop out of school and announced to his family that he would “start a career”. The former homeroom teacher, who was also the rare person that Huanfeng could talk to, recalled that while sitting in school, Huanfeng promised him “he would go to college”. But with that event, this promise may not be fulfilled.


Leaving school, Archer Huan Feng quickly fell into the hobby of gaming. He became a star in amateur tournaments at Internet cafes (a form of high-end Cyber ​​Games in China). Huanfeng’s talent was discovered by Leyan – captain of the Invictus Gaming youth team – IG Young. At that time, IGY was newly formed with Leyan Jungler as the core. Huanfeng met Leyan at a “net room” tournament, and the current Vici Gaming shirt player quickly invited Huanfeng to join IG’s scouting course.

Huan feng in IG Young shirt color at the LDL Summer 2019 tournament
Huan feng in IG Young shirt color at the LDL Summer 2019 tournament

Since then, Archer Huan Feng and Leyan have become inseparable best friends in the IGY shirt. Until August 5, 2019, Leyan was summoned to the main lineup of IG. Although he sincerely congratulated his friend, Huanfeng also felt a bit envious. The first team was also his goal, only regret that at that time, JackeyLove was still an inviolable name.

Archer Huan Feng‘s mood even worsened when IGY won the LDL championship that year, and all the members were recruited by the LPL tournament teams, except for him. Being “abandoned” made Huanfeng’s mood negative, but fortunately, he did not give up, until the door of hope opened again. Suning, after failing to deal with JackeyLove, contacted IGY and offered to sign a professional contract with Huanfeng.

Since then, Huanfeng has always viewed Leyan as the greatest rival he wishes to overcome in his career. The relationship that is both close friends, confidants, brothers, and rivals has been maintained by both Huanfeng and Leyan until now.

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