How to use effectively the difficult moves for gamers

Using effectively different moves as well as use effectively the difficult move will make the opponent unable to judge our ability. There are many gamers, although playing League of Legends for a long time, but do not really know how to use effectively the difficult move in League of Legends.


Gragas and his abilities
Gragas and his abilities

The beginning of the series of manuals to use effectively the difficult move and the most familiar is the Barrel of Explosion – the last move of the Gragas alcoholic. Having been around for a long time in League of Legends and has always been a steady pick in the Summoner’s Rift jungle, Gragas with his skill set almost never goes out of the meta as he can both satisfy magic power or endure. to the team easily.

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But his skill set is not that easy when all of Gragas’ moves are oriented moves, needing a lot of practice or experience to be used by players, especially. Last hit. With the Explosive Barrel in hand, Gragas can easily call for a good fight by knocking his opponent back or becoming the opening tool for his or his teammates’ combo chain. However, where to use the explosion tank to be effective is always a big question mark for players when it has a very fast flight speed as well as requires a lot of calculation to not “squeeze the team” in the important situation.


Aphelios have difficult abilities
Aphelios have difficult abilities

The next name in the manual how to use effectively the difficult move is the name Aphelios. If to point out which is the toughest Gunner to play League of Legends and has the most complex skill set in League of Legends even with only 3 buttons, no one can compare with Gunner Moonlight Aphelios. Released not long ago, Aphelios has always been a very hot name when it comes to possessing a huge amount of dame as well as the ability to shine infinite in fighting in the hands of highly-skilled players.

However, in the hands of players with intermediate or lower skills, Aphelios is considered as “a wild horse” that is difficult to tame. The need to always pay attention to the amount of ammunition remaining, or use it all to get the right gun in the fight is always a big challenge for the Gunner player. So if you are someone who doesn’t like calculating or thinking too much throughout the game, believe me, Aphelios will be the last ADC you want to use in League.

BARD – VARIOUS DESTINY – use effectively the difficult move

Despite of Bard is a favorite of many players but he also has a difficult move in League of Legends
Despite of Bard is a favorite of many players but he also has a difficult move in League of Legends

The third name in the manual how to use effectively the difficult move is the name Bard. If the Zhonya Hourglass is always the favorite item of wizards in the event of an assassin confrontation, then Bard as support has a unique, brand-name free version. Clockwork Cat has the ability to yellow anything in League of Legends. Possessing a set of unique skills no less than the ultimate, Bard is an emerging star in the position of support recently.

In terms of his skill set, Bard possesses tactical and mutant gameplay in teamfights. However, the calculation as well as the victory and defeat of the player Bard lies in the ultimate. With a variable destiny in the hands of Bard can cause the opponent orally to assimilate gold in an instant.

It looks harmless without any damage, but gives teammates a bit more cooldown or time to align moves and create a chain of deadly combos as soon as the enemy is just “wake up”. Despite being so powerful, Heavenly Destiny can also save the opponent if you use the wrong “address” or cause your teammates to be reluctantly yellowed in the middle of the enemy’s siege. Because of that, this is considered the most difficult to use and requires a lot of IQ to perform successfully.

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