How To Play Gyrocopter: The Old Man Flying A Plane In The Carry Position

Gyrocopter is a versatile hero that can take on a variety of roles such as ganker, nuker to semi-carry with a wide range of damage from his skill set.

Guide To Play Gyrocopter – Advantages / Disadvantages



Bonus up to 1000 usd cmd368
  • Strong from early to late mid-game
  • Solo kill strong, large area terror
  • You can shoot down the enemy formation with a Flak cannon


  • Short-range compared to other long-sleeved heroes
  • Poor mobility
  • Late game strength will not be as breakthrough as other hard carries
  • There are 2 skills with extremely long wait time to move: Call down and Homing Missile that is difficult to use

Skill Table For Gyrocopter


Priority to get Rocket barrage first because the early game damage is very great, moreover with the initial enemy will often go solo, Rocket barrage is a real nightmare. With the children having a group of wild animals because of the extreme damage but the cooldown time is not too long, Gyrocopter can easily get FB and is prioritized to maximize. Then you take 1 point Homing Missile to get more disables, Flak cannon gets the 2nd maximum because this is Gyro’s main farming skill as well as the sustained damage in the teamfight, ultimately takes the right level,

  • Talent lv10: depending on the situation. When you have the babysitter to take care of your teeth, take 25mg and shoot for fun, otherwise take 200 blood for it to make sure to wear it.
  • Talent lv15: you are not a muscle in this build, so take 3 additional shots for the Flak cannon
  • Talent lv20: These 2 points can all be said to be very fiendish. 50 movement speed is a pretty large number to increase the ability to quickly chase and shoot down the ass of the enemy because Gyro’s range is very short. As for -25 seconds of Call down, if you reach level 25 later, it will combine very well with Call Down points on the whole map.
  • Talent level 25: Anyway, the Call down point across the map is still a lot more advantageous because you can use it to def / push multiple lanes at the same time.

How To Play Gyrocopter


Early game

Unlike other Hard Carrys that are quite weak in the early stages, Early Game and Mid game Gyrocopter are quite strong so the pressure on the lane is reduced a bit but don’t let it go. Strong is that if an enemy clashes alone with him on the map (it is possible to check runes by chance meeting each other socially), a Rocket barrage bullet hits the face, then it is determined to take the blood back.

Place 1 Homing Missile missile and chase it until the missile hits its face, then hissing Rocket, Rocket will be most effective if the enemy is standing alone. Stun just for sure because there will be someone who is very conscious running into a bunch of jungle creeps or creeps lane causing your Rocket to be distracted.

It’s the same at the beginning of the game, just farming while looking at the map to see if the mid he visits to see if you go side lane. Remember to tell your teammates if the enemy is running away from your lane.

Gyrocopter can harass the enemy very easily through spamming Flak cannon, if he shoots for a few shots, he must be withdrawn, if he damages Gyro early, it is really pretty poor, no one dares to last hit. It comes to a safe farm. There is something overusing this game that makes the creeps pushed high, easily puts you in danger.

Mid game

You have added Call down as your combat weapon. Call down has poor mana and a short cooldown, and the damage isn’t that bad. Its usage is also calculated, this bombing skill has a long delay time, it takes 4 seconds to flush all bombs so it’s best to use it when your Initiator team rushes to open the bowl first. If used in a single gank, it should be combined with Homing Missile to align it properly, stun it will make it easier to get all the bombs.

The combo will be Homing Missile -> seeing is about to hit, then Call down -> and bounce the Rocket barrage, the total damage in the Mid Game phase must be around 1k1 – 1k6 magic damage (so fucking absorbent) if Homing Missile max level and max range too. The Flak Cannon is the only Gyrocopter ability to enjoy its effects, it’s also your strongest weapon in the final stages of the game if you hit this build.

Late game

At this time, your skillset is significantly less effective, the Rocket barrage seems useless because the enemy team does not go away, but hissing even ice is not so absorbed. Homing Missile is probably only used to get stunned because it flies, the enemy hero hits it for a few shots and explodes.

On the other hand, Call down and Flak cannon are effective, Call down takes slow mainly and some magic damage to the enemy team, but the Flak cannon is his clear team weapon at this stage. Play the Carry path, you still have to use up your skills to carry out the carry path.

Gyrocopter wants to be effective, it must be carefully protected by the team, this hero is not a carry with a late ability to weigh the world alone like Void, Sven, Phuong Anh or Troll Warlord. So do not have to die, die in this stage revive long enough and enough for the enemy team to do a spectacular turn-over in regret.

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