How to play golf safely during the Covid-19 pandemic?

If they are careful to protect themselves and follow the instructions, the golf players can still carry the club and play golf safely.

How to play golf safely during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Playing Golf in the fatal Covid widespread epidemic?

Golf is an outdoor game, in an open space, so there is less risk of infection,” explains Dr. Kelly Cawcutt at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (USA). “But that does not mean that players who play golf safely and that are not at risk of getting the Corona Virus (Covid-19). Therefore, during an outbreak and spread, people can still come to the field but should be alert and follow health safety instructions. “.

This expert is also a golfer, comes from a family of father, husband, and children playing golf.

Dr. Catherine Troisi concurred with the idea. She is an epidemiologist in infectious diseases at the Texas State University Health Sciences Center. “When playing golf, the distance of your contact with people is farther than other subjects. Moreover, this Corona Virus (Covid-19) needs certain favorable environmental conditions to live. Meanwhile, strong light from the sun, high temperatures on the course and other difficult outdoor conditions can make the Corona Virus (Covid-19) die faster. So I think you don’t have much of a risk on the golf course, “Troisi said.

But the core is still in the golfers.

“If you’re sick, you should stay home. No one wants to be infected, so don’t put others at risk because of your golf hobby. You can feel your own health. If you have symptoms, you should come out,” Cawcutt said. pitch on another day “.

“Social isolation by limiting exposure during the epidemic season does not mean you are in hiding. Relieving stress is good for the body’s immune system and we all know that physical activity will increase resistance. So being active is good for being happy and healthy but being careful, “Troisi added.

A golfer on Augusta National pitch.
A golfer on Augusta National pitch.

According to Dr. Cawcutt, there are eight things to keep in mind on the pitch for golfers:

For the golfer itself: 

Add the antiseptic solution to the club bag and use it regularly, at least 20 seconds at a time – it takes just the same amount of time to make a stroke. If your hands are dirty, do not touch your face or mouth as they may contain nCoV, Corona Virus (Covid-19). At the tee, fairway or on the green, follow the “social distancing” slogan, which is the technical terminology in epidemiology with a minimum distance of 1.8 meters. With this distance, the golfer is out of range for viral infections in airborne diseases.

With sticks:

Wipe the stick and bag club in contact with the tram used to move on the field, cleaning the handle. Do not use hire sticks.

With the ball:

After every ball pick, the golfer should clean his hands – the action can be considered “silly” at peace, but important in the season. This does not take much time because it can be done while sitting in the tram. And when you hit the ball into the forest, the golfer should go and find his right ball and then hand hygiene or accept “a bit expensive”. There will be people who want to pick up the derelict, but then, don’t touch your mouth with your hand.

With gloves:

It is also advisable to use a disinfectant solution for gloves although the golfer will feel uncomfortable because of the grip.

With tram:

In many courts in the US or Europe, golfers have the right to pull bags of sticks and caddy is an optional service. But if using an electric car (buggy/cart), the “golden rule” is that you should clean the car when you are a driver. The yard is cleaning the car after each round, but “careful rules are not optimal”. Clean the steering wheel and seats to minimize the risk of infection from people who may have previously used car Corona Virus (Covid-19).

With mobile phones:

Being “hard to separate” in the thirst for information in today’s society, so phones must also play golf safely in case the golfer needs to check-in or share photos, status up social media, or running the business while you wait for your turn. If so, put it carefully in a private place for the purpose of cleanliness is a priority, and the fear of losing is secondary during the epidemic. The plastic base in front of the seat is the most convenient place to put things, but it is the place to avoid placing the phone. And do not pass the phone to others, and vice versa.


When you really need to, come in and out immediately and keep a safe distance. That contributes to slowing down the rate of infection. Avoid entering the meeting hall when crowded. When entering, choose an outdoor seat with a radius of 1.8 meters compared to nearby tables. Wash your hands or use a disinfectant solution after touching any exposed areas such as doorknobs, tables, and chair backs.

Conducting with golfers:

When starting at the putting green or putt practice area, keep your distance from those around you. Few will complain you are impolite this season. With the handshake at the entry hole and the traditional pinhole, the golfer should show another way such as pushing, kicking each other, or touching a stick, if you want more golf.

How to play golf safely during the Covid-19 pandemic?

According to the US Golf Association Association’s in-house services guide to play golf safely, during the Corona Virus (Covid-19) season, courses should:

  • Maximum opening of service space to reach a safe distance.
  • Reduce the number of seats in a restaurant, increasing the space between tables or banquet areas
  • Limiting the number of people who access the area inside the hall such as bars, barbecue areas during peak hours to avoid congestion.
  • Do not let guests serve themselves.

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