How To Play Earth Spirit As Initiator, Ganker And Semi Support

As one of the toughest heroes, the most complex and also the most versatile skill set in Dota 2, Earth Spirit requires a lot of skill from the player to master. Deals damage, inflicts bad effects, saves teams, supports, initiates fights, and even … carries, there’s nothing that he can’t handle. This is the dream puzzle piece of many lineups.

How To Play Earth Spirit – Advantages / Disadvantages

Earth Spirit


Bonus up to 1000 usd cmd368
  • Versatility is very high, arguably top of the list of Dota 2 heroes
  • The skillset provides a lot of disables: silence, slow, stun and even DPS -> There is no shortage of ways to deal with the enemy
  • Nuker is very strong if built in the right way (Magnetize can deal up to 3600 magic damage if stacked all stones)
  • Abundant mobility (a trait commonly found in “Spirit” heroes)


  • The skillset is difficult to play, it takes a lot of practice to memorize and make the standard combo
  • Damage on the late game is greatly reduced (the late game can only affect through control effects), even there is no magic penetration ability leading to eating pussy with BKB
  • Depends heavily on “stone” (the number of Stone remnants, if it ends, the game ends)
  • Frequently nerfed

Skill Table For Earth Spirit

Earth Spirit

Boulder smash and Geomagnetic grip are key elements in Earth Spirit ‘s combos, maxing them up first to take damage, reduce cd, and increase the duration of the bad effects. Rolling boulder just takes 1 point because with the point increase, the damage and cast range, the slow doesn’t increase. Magnetize takes the correct level

  • Talent lv10: 40 dmg is quite attractive when you can both follow and pay fast, but when you are a professional combo-maker, 10 Int will help spam better.
  • Talent lv15: 7 armor can help you withstand a lot of damage when rolling into the enemy’s lap. But if you like the Rolling in the Deep style that rolls the opponent’s gut, +200mg for Rolling Boulder helps you to do it quite easily.
  • Talent level 20: 15% more damage to the skill will be extremely effective (if combined with the AMP and Kaya spells, 25% of the AMP spell, buy more Veil of Discord combo that causes damage and sickness), And if you are shy to get rich, you will get +150 gold/minute.
  • Talent lv25: takes a 1s stun increase for Boulder smash to maximize the disable time. In case you need to cover, apply magnetic attraction for Geomagnetic grip.

How To Play Earth Spirit

Earth Spirit

Early game

Earth Spirit requires a lot of skill from the player to master. Deals damage, inflicts bad effects, saves teams, supports, initiates fights, and even … carries, nothing that he can’t handle. This is the dream puzzle piece of many lineups.

With a support style, you go to the side lanes and actively roam mid. Just take each skill 1 point in the first stage, you have 1 simple combo to coordinate with your teammates. Starting with Rolling boulder, you have to align properly or you will “fail”, then immediately place a stone in front of you to get speed and slow effect on the enemy. Next is to run in front of the enemy (very easy because the target was slowed) then use Boulder smash to push in the opposite direction. If your mid lane is a 1v1 damage hero like Pudge, Invoker, Templar Assassin … then this will be an easy kill.

If there is a bit of health left and the target is about to run, then using the Geomagnetic grip will end. Because Earth Spirit consumes a lot of mana in the early stages and roams will surely level up very slowly, so please take advantage of money from killing kills to quickly replenish mana regeneration items so you do not have to spend more time running home. , leveling up was slower and slower.

Mid game

Earth Spirit is a kind of combat support, so do not be industrious at home to do rear-end work. Ganking continuously helps you to earn money and EXP instead of carry’s farming. Your combo can be divided into several types depending on the following situation:

Boulder smash -> kick -> pull the stone back with Geomagnetic grip -> Rolling boulder -> Magnetize, when Magnetize is almost out of effect, placing one more stone will reset the duration of the effect. injury, near death, cremate more Urn of Shadows. This combo is the classic combo of Earth Spirit, can be used in most cases, but requires a lot of practice to be able to accurately pull the flying stone towards you.

And by the way, when you kick a kick you don’t have to press directly on the rock to kick it away because that’s how the orientation is difficult. When using Boulder smash, Earthspirit will automatically kick the nearest stone in the specified direction, all you need to do is point the direction and speed of the stone.

Late game

As an Initiator, Earth Spirit should choose an angle so that Rolling boulder hit the key target, so you can bring them to your team to handle with Boulder smash. If possible, stun multiple enemy heroes at once with Boulder smash because this ability has a very long range.

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