How to play billiards?

To be able to play billiards, we need to understand the basic way of playing billiards, we will track through the following article. Specific instructions for you how to play billiards: hold the muscles, standing postures, and reviews. Help you understand more about the game, to relax with a great entertainment game.

Billiards (in this situation regarding English Billiards) is a game that is popular not just in England however across the world thanks to its popularity at some stage in the time of the British Empire. Billiards is a cue sport this is played by means of two gamers and utilizes one object ball (red) and two cue balls (yellow and white).

Each player makes use of a different color cue ball and attempts to score more points than their opponent and attain the previously agreed total required to win the match.

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How to play billiards

  1. Basic standing posture playing billiards properly

You want to know how to play billiards, first hold the cue by extending your legs, two feet apart by the width of the shoulders, then step left foot forward, if you are a right-handed, right step ahead if left-handed. You then adjust the grip to match the height of the body.

Keeping your back straight when bent down, your handle should be perpendicular to the back leg, as well as perpendicular to the table. You then try to bend down to the table, to watch the ball, play billiards do not hold your head high.

Next, rotate your body about 30 degrees away from your hand, so that you can create space for the mechanical handle, as well as not touching your hips when hitting.

  1. Instructions on how to hold the cue

You do not grasp the cue too tightly, nor keep your hands comfortable, the purpose is to primarily use your fingers. As well as using the index finger to hold the body cue. As with the rest of the fingers, the handle can be half-closed, but not on the face of the cue.

Perform the grip so that the wrist and arm win 180 degrees, and face down, not outward, as well as inward to hit the correct direction.

With the billiard muscle position, you need to hold the muscle so that your elbows and arms are 90 degrees. At the same time, the line from shoulder to the elbow will be parallel to the cue. You also do not need to hold on to the end of the billiard, but we will hold on to the end of the muscle of another color.

How to play billiards in a free way? As well as using the game of pool balls, or masse, to beat the balls. All have in common in the types of impact, as well as the sudden force in the ball, rarely using strong forces.

Therefore, should hold the cue with moderate force, not too tight, nor too loose. Only when impacted into the ball to tighten the handle.

The formula for calculating the mechanical position: The length of the arm span x 0.75 (the distance is calculated from the top of the muscle tip). For example, if the arm span is 175cm long, the position of the cue will be 175cm x0.75 = 131, 25 (calculated from the top of the cue to the length of the handle.

  1. Hit the target

To hit the target, it’s important to close your eye when playing basic billiards.

Your eye along the path of the cue ball merges into a winning line. Thus the ball goes to achieve accuracy when making the shot.

When you start laying your hands to play billiards, you need to look at all the marbles on the table. Then you look at the target to see the thickness of the mine and at the same time determine the location of the pressure, make eye contact with the right target.

With this basic guide on playing billiards, hope you can understand more about how to play billiards. As well as having a certain amount of knowledge before stepping into the advanced knowledge of billiard play.

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