How the Brazilian clubs oppose playing in the middle of Covid-19

Football leagues in Brazilian clubs wear masks when playing in protest to not delay the domestic tournament before the outbreak of Corona Virus (Covid-19)  in the world.

In order to pressure the organizers to postpone the matches, all members of Gremio decided to wear masks while preparing to play with Sao Luiz on March 15.

In the match between Gremio Club and Sao Luiz yesterday (March 15)

The match between Gremio and Sao Luiz was played without spectators. After 90 minutes, Gremio won with a score of 3-2. However, what the players are aiming for is not the result. They want the organizers of the Brazilian league to postpone matches because the Corona Virus (Covid-19)  pandemic is complicated worldwide.

The Brazilian League continues between the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic. Matches are prohibited here. However, Flamengo’s coach Jorge Jesus still strongly protested. He said that the Brazilian league should be postponed.

“Players are not superheroes. They also need to be protected,” said coach Jorge Jesus.

In Argentina, the River Plate giant refused to play the Superliga Cup match against Jorge Jesus on March 14. The representative in the capital, Buenos Aires, decided to close the stadium, preventing the referees and the away team.

Earlier, on the morning of March 15, former England captain Wayne Rooney criticized the British government and its Premier League executives for players “like lab guinea pigs”. Rooney said that the tournament in the country of fog should be postponed early rather than waiting until March 13, the official announcement will be broadcast.

Gremio player wears a mask to protest organizers of the Brazilian league

While most football leagues around the world are being postponed because Corona Virus (Covid-19) is booming, the Brazilian league is one of the few that is still in progress, but this has been met with opposition. players at clubs.

In the match between Gremio Club and Sao Luiz yesterday (March 15), members of the Gremio Club decided to wear a mask to pressure the organizers to postpone the matches.

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From the pitch to the warm-up before the game, the Gremio players wear masks and they will only discard the masks in the 90 minutes of official play. Particularly the other members on the training bench still wear a mask.

Gremio’s Vice President Paulo Luz explained: “The players’ actions are in support of the call to postpone matches. The player’s health should be a top priority.”

The match between Gremio and Sao Luiz was played without spectators. After 90 minutes, Gremio won with a score of 3-2.

Sao Luiz took the lead 2-0 after 19 minutes. However, Gremio came back to win thanks to goals from Paulo Miranda (45 + 5 minutes), Thiago Neves (65 ‘) and Diego Souza (81’).

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Both the reserve team and BHL of Gremio also wear masks.

They are forced to protect themselves

“We consider wearing masks in the pitch is a way to protest. We support the tournament that is suspended because of the Corona virus,” said Paulo Luz, Gremio’s sporting director. “Health is always the top priority”.

Renato Portaluppi after the game against Sao Luiz was even more grumpy. “It is time for Gremio to come up and wear a mask to show the government that the players are still human after all,” the 57-year-old strategist said.

“We are not immune to the Corona virus. It doesn’t make sense to close the stadium to let the fans into the stadium. They are going to protect the fans but ignore the footballers? The whole world stopped because of Corona Virus (Covid-19), so should Brazilian football leagues. Hopefully, the message we have just sent to the authorities. “

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Gremio, like many other Brazilian teams, wants to suspend the tournament.

Currently, in South America, Gremio is not the only club to complain about the fact that the organizers still keep the matches going as usual. Flamengo representatives, from the coach to the players, said in the interview that they were “not superhuman”.

In Argentina, the River Plate team even refused to play against Atletico Tucuman over the weekend. They deliberately closed the stadium, leaving the referee team and Atletico players standing blankly outside.

Gremio and the protest teams shortly after the Brazilian government updated the information said the number of positive cases for Corona Virus (Covid-19) there had reached 19 people. Among them, 16 cases have been returned from abroad and 3 have been infected domestically. The first confirmed case of Corona virus death in Argentina.