How is football transfer affected by Corona Virus?

Football transfer the world soccer village may experience the bleakest summer transfer in history, caused by the consequences of the Corona Virus Covid-19 epidemic.

Every summer, the fans are always eager to wait for information on the player summer transfer market. Which blockbusters will go to the darling club, what young talents will be unearthed?

However, when the Corona Virus disease is raging throughout Europe and around the world, the daily turnover of the world football transfer market will be seriously disturbed.

 football transfer
Can the Corona Virus Covid-19 epidemic make Mbappe or Sancho and many others unable to leave? Photo: Union.

A summer without a blockbuster?

Tor-Kristian Karlsen, a European football scout commented on ESPN that the impact Corona Virus has on the football transfer market is very serious.

Many European leagues have been postponed. If the situation gets better, matches are more likely to return in stadiums without spectators. The banning of fans from the field results in scouts of many teams being unable to track the players the club wants to recruit.

Statistical software like InstatScout or Wyscout or match tapes can help. However, when a club spends tens of millions of euros on a player, they need to watch that play live, day in and day out.

On the financial side, big clubs like MU or Juventus are miserable because of the sharp fall in stock prices. MU’s shares in the US stock market declined continuously in the past 3 weeks, causing the club to lose more than half a billion euros in value.

Experts predict that the risk of MU shares will continue to decline is quite possible in the context that the world sport is seriously affected by Corona Virus Covid-19. With Juventus, the club’s share price has also dropped sharply, causing them more than 200 million euros in losses, double the amount they once spent to buy Cristiano Ronaldo.

For many other clubs, if matches were played without an audience, they would lose millions of euros in tickets and other revenues from fans each game.

The BBC said a top club in Europe could lose between 2 and 5 million euros per game without an audience. Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas predicted his club would lose an average of 2 million euros in tickets per match in Ligue 1. The total loss of Lyon’s fares by the end of the season was around 20 million euros.

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In the match against Dortmund in the second leg of the Champions League, PSG lost more than 3.5 million euros, when about 47,000 fans could not come to the Parc des Princes.

Even the big clubs are starting to feel hard about the financial situation, so don’t expect many blockbusters to explode this summer.

 football transfer
The stadium without an audience will cause the club to lose millions of euros.

Players “tied up”

“The life of a player is to move daily from place to place,” Karlsen said. They constantly move to the stadiums, keep track of the youth team matches, meet and talk directly with many people.

The Corona Virus epidemic caused these scouts to sit still and watch the video. “European countries have restricted travel, and there is nothing we can do about it,” an Italian scout told ESPN.

European clubs now have to stop recruiting activities all over the world. From South America to Africa or Asia, the network of scouts is almost “completely tied” due to strict travel regulations, especially from European countries.

Even when things are going well, the activities of watching and observing players take a long time to return to normal.

Karlsen asserts that if a club like Real wants to recruit Pogba for 100 million euros, they are not just relying on videotapes or statistics. They need to watch the French midfielder firsthand, one match at a time for at least a few months before making a final decision.

Given the current situation, many big clubs will either choose to sit still or buy safer goals during the summer transfer window.

“We are professionals, that’s why we need to be very well-prepared for any situation,” Karlsen said. Plenty of files and scout data will be put on the table for the management of the teams to consider.

It is likely that clubs like MU or Real will choose to recruit domestic players or long-term goals to minimize risks. However, according to Karlsen, even if well-prepared, spending tens to hundreds of millions of euros on targets not monitored regularly in the final stage is too risky.

The risk of a bleak summer transfer of world football is more evident than ever.