How is Alexis Sanchez taking million pounds of MU?

MU need to find a way to remove Alexis Sanchez from Old Trafford yard early. Keeping Chilean “debt bureaucracy” only makes it difficult for them to reform the team.

How is Alexis Sanchez taking million pounds of MU

Alexis Sanchez became one of the worst contracts in the Premier League, in financial terms. Since January 2018, the Old Trafford team has spent more than £ 65 million on spearhead Chileans. This includes salaries, attendance fees, transfers and loyalty rewards.

In England, no player receives a higher salary than Sanchez. 31-year-old spearhead earned 391,000 pounds / week. Each match played, this striker pocketed an additional 75,000 pounds. Daily Mail estimates that if MU achieved success in the Champions League and the English Premier League, Alexis Sanchez could earn £ 560,000 / week.

Alexis Sanchez lost himself from day to MU.
Alexis Sanchez lost himself from day to MU.

Sanchez broke the transfer plan of MU

Alexis Sanchez is too expensive, but never chopped. He was pushed to Inter on loan in the 2019/20 season. However, the Meazza team only agreed to pay 4.5 million euros for the South American goalscorer, and MU was supposed to shoulder the remaining huge fee of up to £ 16 million.

The price MU has to accept for this mistake is too expensive. Because it could not solve the “debt burdens” of South Americans, this broke the transfer plan of the “Red Devils” in the summer of 2020. On April 20, Telegraph said MU abandoned the Harry Kane deal because of insufficient money. recruit English striker.

The problem of “Red Devils” is also partly due to “suffer” Alexis Sanchez‘s huge salary. Owners of the United States since taking over the management of the club have always placed financial security first. They cannot take risks before they have solved the leftover problem that is tormenting the club.

Recently, the Daily Mail revealed Sanchez earned another £ 1.1 million after returning to Old Trafford. This is a loyalty clause signed by both parties. In total, MU will spend £ 17 million paid to Sanchez in the season without the Chilean striker making any contributions to them.

Moreover, the contract between Alexis Sanchez and MU is still valid for 2 years. The leadership of the club is bored. They are confused by a difficult problem. From Milan, Inter CEO Guiseppe Marotta refused to buy the 31-year-old striker. In the UK, West Ham has expressed interest in this “spray”.

Sanchez gets a good salary, but makes no contribution to the club.
Sanchez gets a good salary, but makes no contribution to the club.

However, his high salary makes it difficult for the representative of London to sit at the negotiating table. Before the media, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer did not want to do anything bad. He asserted his pupil still has a future at Old Trafford, and will prove all claims about him are wrong.

Solsa cannot deceive everything. Everyone knows Alexis Sanchez is no longer part of the club plans. If the former Arsenal star was truly classy, ​​he would not have been pushed out of Old Trafford. MU wants Kane, Jadon Sancho … in the future. And the “Theater of Dreams” will no longer have room for the Chilean striker.

In the afternoon of 21/4, Le10Sport was shocked with the information that MU started approaching Atletico to buy Joao Felix. This is yet another proof that the “Red Devils” want to reform their squad. Solsa hopes to build the club with a foundation of young elements. At this time, the contract is as frustrating as Sanchez is likely to be eliminated.

What is the future for Sanchez?

What the pinnacle of Alexis Sanchez is left in Barca and Arsenal. Then when he came to MU, he was like a tired soul with a bit of leftover energy. Later this year, the Chilean spearhead turned 32 and faced the most brutal enemy of his career. It’s time. Things are no longer easy.

The world has witnessed many longevity trees in football, such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Gianluigi Buffon, Cristiano Ronaldo … Ho despite his age can still play very well. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to persevere to fight the harsh flow of time.

Coming Inter, Sanchez's career was not saved.
Coming Inter, Sanchez’s career was not saved.

His legs are said to be no longer strong and supple as 25 years old. It has been working too hard for the past 6 years. Since 2014, the Chilean striker has been playing under the thick of summer. After the World Cup, he fought again at the Copa America and the FIFA Confederations Cup.

For a player whose play relies heavily on strength and speed like him, every effort makes his body worn down. And as they age, the resilience of the spearhead for Barca and Arsenal has slowed down. If losing pace, the South American striker may no longer be himself.

In football, older players tend to bundle in. A winger will move into the middle, because they cannot race against young opponents. In order to adapt at the age of 31, he is likely to need to change, and transform from a winger to a center-forward.

That is a great challenge. FourFourTwo pointed out that 33% of the Chilean spearhead goals at Arsenal were made while playing at the edge, and inside was Olivier Giroud as the wall. However, Alexis Sanchez plays in every position thanks to his ingenuity and ability to explode in front of the penalty area.

According to journalist Mark White, his future at MU is theoretically gray. But if he could not find a new terminal, he still became a suitable plan for the offensive front. “Alexis Sanchez  can become a version of Sergio Aguero at Old Trafford,” commented Mark White.

However, his peak belongs to yesterday. Statistics do not lie. After 15 games for Inter, he scored 1 goal. Waiting for the former Arsenal star to explode is probably a luxury. MU has exhausted patience with the 31-year-old striker, but stuck with this “lump of debt”, and cannot be removed.

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