How important is Ronaldinho that Messi and Brazil president saved?

After Messi directly donated money to the “elder” Ronaldinho to repay the debt, the Brazilian president officially took action to save the 40-year-old star from prison.

This is the time when the information Ronaldinho arrested in Paraguay prison is becoming hotter than ever. Those who love the Brazilian star are updating every minute of this incident.

Recently, the president of Brazil, Mr. Jair Bolsonaro, was extremely indignant and asked the Paraguayan authorities to release Ronaldinho. Mr. Bolsonaro was also the one who appointed Ronaldinho as the Brazilian tourism ambassador last September. Therefore, the Brazilian president affirmed that Ronaldinho was completely innocent.

Ronaldinho is being arrested by Paraguay police
Ronaldinho is being arrested by Paraguay police

A look at his background and career

Starting his career in the colors of his home team Gremio in 1998. Two years later, his natural talent was known throughout Brazil and the midfielder was quickly called up to the National Team. In three seasons with Gremio, Ronaldinho helped the team win the first national championship in history.

In 2001, the star of this technical play was very charming with PSG. In France, he became one of the most-watched players in the domestic league. However, the highlight of Ronaldinho’s career this time came in the Brazilian national team shirt.

Although at the “junior” age, he has joined other superstars in the field such as Ronaldo or Rivaldo to bring the world championship for the Samba country team in Korea and Japan. This is also the tournament that Ronaldinho impressed with a free kick from a great distance into the net of England goalkeeper David Seaman.

Ronaldinho shone brightly in a Barcelona shirt
Ronaldinho shone brightly in a Barcelona shirt

At the age of 22, Ronaldinho continued to look for new challenges for himself and joined the more ambitious team than Barcelona. From here, the star’s career has turned to a brilliant new page. People will remember forever the virtual moves with magic feet that can make every opponent become “clowns” of Ronaldinho.

The charm of his play has touched the hearts of beautiful football lovers. Remember, in the 2005/06 season, Ronaldinho scored one of the best goals in the history of the “Super Classics” confrontation.

It was a solo phase that made the fans of rival Real Madrid burst into applause. Previously, in the 2004/05 Champions League, Ronaldinho also owned the finish to life against Chelsea. Besides, there are many dribbles, extremely beautiful goals that Ronaldinho brings to world football.

Collection of titles that every player dreams of
Collection of titles that every player dreams of

The glorious career of the Brazilian star closes with a personal and collective achievement table that every football player wants to achieve. Many people think that Ronaldinho is the immortal embodiment of beautiful football, of a superstar who always brings joy to all when watching him play football.

And that is also the reason why Ro is loved by millions of fans, admired by many contemporary football superstars (including Messi), and even politicians like the Brazilian President.

Personal achievements:

– Won La Liga Best Footballer – Don Balon twice (2003/04, 2005/06)

– 2 times to become the best player in the world (2004 and 2005)

– FIFPro World Player of the Year (September 2005)

– European Footballer of the Year (2005)

Collective achievements:

– Win La Liga seasons: 2004/05, 2005/06

– Won the Spanish Super Cup for the seasons: 2004/05, 2005/06

– Champions of the Champions League 2005/06 season

– World Championship U17 1997

– Copa America Championship 1999

– World Championship 2002

– Winning the Confederations Cup 2005

– 2008 Olympic Bronze Medal

Ronaldinho detained: The future is gloomy, millions of fans are angry with Paraguay

Brazilian fans are very upset when they witness the legendary Ronaldinho in prison. But so far, it’s still unclear when he will be released.

A talented star, Ronaldinho was loved by his fans with his “magic” plays on the pitch. Although no longer playing, the attraction of Ro seems to have not diminished.

Currently, the former Barcelona midfielder is having trouble being arrested by Paraguay police for using a fake passport. At the detention center, Ronaldinho is said to maintain a bright smile, optimism and even been invited to the futsal tournament in prison in Paraguay.

Mr. Blas Vera, the manager of the prison where Ronaldinho is being held, said. “In general, Ronaldinho is fine. I see he is in a good mood, like when he appears on television. He always laughs.”

But contrary to the above share, New1 revealed that Brazilians are angry because their once superstar was being mistreated and abused the image behind bars in Paraguay.

Ronaldinho in court in Paraguay
Ronaldinho in court in Paraguay

According to Ronaldinho’s lawyers, they will continue to appeal if the client continues to be under house arrest.

A source quoted from Reuters said that the entire schedule of Ronaldinho to Paraguay was planned from the beginning. Origin comes from the invitation of a businessman and friend Ronaldinho named Wilmonds Souza Lira. To promote the project, Wilmonds contacted the Brazilian star to attend a promotional event with a certain commission.

However, when he arrived in Paraguay, the Brazilian legend and his brother were immediately arrested and detained from March 4 until now. Currently, the Judges rejected the first appeal from Ronaldinho’s lawyers. According to Judge Gustavo Amarilla, stressing “the release of he may interfere with the investigation or allow him to flee from Paraguay”.

Given the situation, Ronaldinho is expected to stay in prison for a while longer and does not know when will be released. Indeed, life after the retirement of the Brazilian legend is reaching the saddest ending without money, many crimes, and marketing.
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