How Does Gareth Bale From Defender Become A Superstar?

Gareth Bale can be seen as a special case of “evolution”. From a left-back, the Welsh player became the best-attacking star in the Premier League and, consequently, earned a contract to Real Madrid. Let’s take a look back at his journey.

How Does Gareth Bale From Defender Become A Superstar

Attack talent soon revealed

In May 2007, Gareth Bale moved from Southampton to Tottenham on a £ 7million deal. The British press then described the 17-year-old “possibly the best left-back in the Premier League in the future”. But Tottenham boss Martin Jol soon realized Bale’s attacking qualities.

On the official debut, against MU in the fourth round of Premier League 2007/08, Gareth Bale was playing left midfielder and kicked the full 90 minutes. Although he did not score against MU, what Gareth Bale showed that day helped him continuously play the left midfielder in the important battles that followed: 2 London derby with Fulham and Arsenal and the great battle against Liverpool in the round 9.

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In just the first few matches at Tottenham, Gareth Bale had 2 goals and 1 assist and countless dramatic moments, promising a new king of speed on the left-wing in the Premier League.

Unfortunately, at the end of October of that year, Jol was fired to make way for Juande Ramos and Gareth Bale was pushed to the position of left-back a few matches before taking a long-term seat on the bench. And perhaps, it is a big mistake of Ramos, who eventually left Tottenham without a trumpet at the end of the season when he won only 38.18% of the matches with Spurs.

Seize the opportunity

Ramos left, then Harry Redknapp came, but during the 2008/09 season, Gareth Bale was not well respected. He still has to do “dual side” for Benoit Assou-Ekotto in the left-back position because the Redknapp coach still prioritizes the strength and defensive ability of the Cameroonian player.

But then, luck came to Gareth Bale. A groin injury arrived in December 2009, causing Assou-Ekotto to take a month off. Gareth Bale is put on the main stone. And he immediately seized the opportunity. Playing as a left-back, Bale not only did a good job in the defense but also confirmed the formidable skills in terms of attacking.

3 goals in full speed against Inter while still wearing Tottenham make Bale the world sought
3 goals in full speed against Inter while still wearing Tottenham make Bale the world sought

Gareth Bale is not inferior to Assou-Ekotto in terms of the number of slices (3.43 times/match compared to 3.63 of the Cameroonian player), but more than the ability to create.

23 appearances in the Premier League 2009/10, Gareth Bale has five passes to his teammates, the most of the Tottenham defenders that season and only 1 times less than Redknapp’s best midfielder Niko Kranjcar. But besides that, Bale also has 3 goals, more than any defender in the Spurs squad that year.

Affirm the stature

Gareth Bale‘s excellent form in the left corridor in the 2009/10 season was the motivation for the Redknapp coach to boldly push him to play midfield the following season. And for Gareth Bale personally, the 2009/10 season also created a huge push, helping him confidently show his best offensive skills, thereby rising to become the leading winger in the Premier League.

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The Welsh international started 29 out of 30 appearances in the 2010/11 Premier League, in which he played the left midfielder 27 times. With the speed of the Formula 1 car and the ability to cross the ball and finish well, Gareth Bale scored 7 goals and had 2 assists. In the Champions League that season, Bale also shone brilliantly with 4 goals, 4 assists and a superb performance against Inter in the group stage. Gareth Bale alone scored up to 3 goals and swept the Inter defenders in a tornado every time he accelerated.

Gareth Bale‘s journey, until that season, seems to have established a new position as a left midfielder. The rest is history. Bale continued to climb the ladder when the 2011/12 season he imprinted shoes on Tottenham’s 30 goals (13 goals, 17 assists) before pushing his limit to another level in the 2012/13 season.

It was the season that Gareth Bale was given free-kick by Villas-Boas as a “No.10”. And that helped him explode even more. Gareth Bale scored 26 goals and had 15 assists for Spurs in all competitions. At the end of the season, he acquired every individual Premier League award and drove all the big teams in Europe.

Every team sent people to follow Gareth Bale and flirt with Tottenham, and eventually, Real bought Wales ‘god of wind’ for 91 million euros. It was a successful deal because in the first season at the Bernabeu, Bale shone with 22 goals, 19 assists and excellent performances in the Champions League final to help Real complete the dream Decima.

Now, the “marriage” between Gareth Bale and Real is in crisis. But looking back on the journey up the 30-year-old player can be believed that he has not expired. Just to be believed, Bale will pierce every defense again, with his super-speed and skill.

Bale denies the possibility of going to MU

There is a lot of information about Gareth Bale‘s future. There are many sources that Real Madrid wants to sell this player. In the Premier League, M.U and Everton are also following Bale. However, recently Bale’s representative, Mr. Jonathan Barnett has just said: “It is unlikely that Bale will come to M.U. Because he will not leave Real Madrid this summer. Bale is happy here and wants to devote to the White Vulture ”.

166. In his career, Gareth Bale has scored 166 goals for the clubs he plays in. Perhaps, that number makes few people remember Bale as a defender again.

Example of self-improvement

From a slim player on his Tottenham debut, Gareth Bale worked hard to perfect himself so that when he came to Real Madrid, he was a muscular fighter with the same technique and speed. The day Bale greeted the Bernabeu, Mundo Deportivo described him as “having the speed of 800m Olympic champion Steve Ovett, the fitness of South African super rugby athlete Bryan Habana and finishing techniques like a superstar from Brazil ”.

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