How did Arsenal lose the chance to reunite Fabregas?

When deciding to leave Barcelona in the summer of 2014, Cesc Fabregas thought about reuniting Arsenal. However, the “Gunners” were “immobile”, causing the Spanish midfielder to turn to Chelsea.

Cesc Fabregas once wanted to return to Arsenal.
Cesc Fabregas once wanted to return to Arsenal.

Cesc Fabregas joined Arsenal as a young player

Cesc Fabregas joined Arsenal as a young player and this place quickly turned him into one of the world-class midfielders. In 8 years with the “Gunners”, the Spanish midfielder played 303 matches, scored 57 goals and had more than 100 assists, contributing greatly to helping the team win an FA Cup, an English Super Cup and 1 Champions League final (lost to Barcelona).

At the end of the 2010/2011 season, Cesc Fabregas decided to return to Barcelona – the childhood team. However, 3 years at the Nou Camp did not go very well when the star lost himself, constantly having to sit on the bench. In the summer of 2014, Cesc Fabregas decided to leave again and then, his first thought was to reunite with Arsenal.

But that did not happen. The Arsenal side looked too indifferent, despite Cesc Fabregas signaling. Unable to return to the Emirates, “F4” decided to be Jose Mourinho’s student at Chelsea.

“When I decided to leave Barcelona, ​​Arsenal was the first choice over any other club. And I didn’t talk to other clubs for a week to see if Arsenal wanted me or not. But Arsenal did not respond,” Fabregas said. say share. “We had to wait a whole week to see if they had any reaction. It was obviously my number one choice. In my mind, I planned to tell everyone that I was going back to Arsenal. The thing I want”.

“Coach Wenger also saw this. I didn’t want to be a beggar, Arsenal understood the situation but didn’t say anything for a week. Immediately, I knew that they didn’t want me back. After that week, I had to pick up. I got an offer from Manchester United and City then I talked to Mourinho, something I didn’t think would happen. Frankly, after I left the room with Mourinho, I told himself he didn’t need to talk to anyone else and had to go to Chelsea, “added the midfielder currently wearing AS Monaco.

Arsenal received good news from coach Mikel Arteta

Apart from the unsatisfactory matter with Fabregas, Arsenal also received a good piece of news at the same time.

Arsenal chief LV Mikel Arteta announced he was fully recovered, after being diagnosed with Covid-19 infection two weeks ago.

Coach Mikel Arteta was the first case of Covid-19 in the Premier League.
Coach Mikel Arteta was the first case of Covid-19 in the Premier League.

The Spanish leader was positive for Covid-19 on March 12, after meeting with Evangelos Marinakis, president of Nottingham Forest and Olympiakos clubs, who were also identified as infected.

After more than two weeks of isolation and treatment of Covid-19, the coach said that he had recovered and was ready to return to work: “Now I feel very good. 3-4 days ago, the symptoms were no longer present. I feel like I’m completely healthy and full of energy, ”said coach Mikel Arteta optimistic about the health situation on La Sexta channel of Spain.

On the Arsenal side, after learning that Arteta was infected, the BLD team quickly informed all the fans. About 100 members of the team including players, BHL members and staff were taken away. At the same time, the London Colney training center and the club’s Hale End academy were closed to avoid the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Currently, London has not recorded any new cases of Covid-19. As planned, Arsenal plans to return to training on March 24. However, to ensure the safety of everyone, the players perform self-quarantine and practice at home until further notice.
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