How can Serie A back?

The success of the first two Bundesliga rounds after the return is a positive signal to inspire Serie A back. The Germans have done it, why can’t the Italians? This is a question that the Italian press posed after witnessing matches on the German pitch.

Serie A back on June 13 or 20

Organizers will sit down again to unify all options for the rematch.

At first, it was a skeptic mood, but later it was an affirmation and belief, despite the fact that there are still some obstacles to returning, including the lack of agreement with the players, which is The protagonists of the game on the grass.

As the number of new positive cases and deaths decreased, anxiety eased, the routes for Serie A back were decided, and tomorrow, the main representative’s Government, Italy Football Association, and Serie A organizers will sit down again to unify all options for the rematch. So far, the most popular solution is June 13 (however, the Italian government has not allowed sports activities to take place until June 14, so the tournament will take place on June 13 / 6, the government needs to approve a new decree).

The second solution, June 20, is considered a contingency plan, but it is likely to be the last possible solution if June 13, the solution is yet to return. According to the Italian press, Serie A back will be forced to return no later than 20/6, because otherwise, this season will not be over after August 20, a time for clubs to have a short time. to prepare for the new football season 2020-21.

If the ball rolls back on June 13, the tournament may end before August 2, with a thicker playing density. In total, Serie A has more than 120 matches to finish, and this season must be complete.

Serie A back on June 13 or 20
Serie A back on June 13 or 20

Serie A will return on June 13?

The question of Serie A back is whether this is possible? The answer is yes, and while there are still controversies regarding TV rights and the concerns of professional Footballers Union about the risk of infection, it is believed that, in the present circumstances, The ball will roll. Even if a player becomes infected after a match, the tournament will not stop again, but more medical measures will be applied.

There will be a lot of changes when Serie A backs. The Bundesliga has made it very clear: The old habits that fans have witnessed over the past century, from celebrations to pre-match procedures, have changed completely after just three months of the ball not rolling because of the pandemic. There will be no little boys and players playing; the players can still oppose the referee, but must stand at least 1.5 meters away from them; The referee himself can only blow the whistle was disinfected.

Spal-vs-Juventus, 23-02-2020
Spal-vs-Juventus, 23-02-2020

But before the ball rolls, one has to do a lot of work. For example, a few days before the game, all the players and the coaching staff and club staff must fill in a document, which answers 8 questions to clarify that, in the previous days, they have millions What evidence, whether meeting someone suspected of infection. It is not possible for both teams to play together with referees.

They reported that after the match, it did not take place in the form of direct questions and answers between reporters and coaches or players as usual, but questions were sent to them via Whatsapp browser. And when the two teams arrive at the pitch, they will arrive at different entrances, according to different timescales.

One thing is certain, in Serie A, there was no debate about everything in the Premier League. But not so that the road to the destination, ie towards the ball can certainly roll, less bumpy. It will be an unprecedented period of Italian football, but if you learn the seriousness, science, and determination of the Germans, the Italians will do it