HOT: Premier League 2020 Does Not Return On April 30, Postpone Until?

According to an exclusive source from DailyMail, the global epidemic situation will force the Premier League 2020 to postpone dates.

Premier League 2020 does not return on April 30, postpone until?

In a meeting on March 19, the English Football Federation (FA), the Premier League Organizing Committee, the First Division Organizing Committee, the British Professional Football Association (PFA) agreed “professional matches.” UK businesses will not take place before April 30.” Under the rules of the Premier League, the Premier League 2020 can not finish after June 1. But because of the global epidemic, the English football leader and the clubs broke the rules: there was no limit to the end of all leagues in the foggy country.

There is a high chance that the Premier League 2020 will have to stay back for at least another month
There is a high chance that the Premier League will have to stay back for at least another month

However, with the complicated situation of the global epidemic, the expected return schedule of the Premier League 2020 will be delayed. DailyMail said clubs in the English Premier League and the Premier League 2020 were mentally prepared for this when the crisis for the pandemic caused the continuation of football tournaments in early May is impossible.

According to the British newspaper, the stakeholders will have a meeting next week to set a new timeline for the football league in the land of fog to return. Officials have agreed that, with the whole nation tightening isolation, the players cannot train, so April 30 is not a realistic timeline.

However, the fact that all sides pledged to make the Premier League 2020 take all 38 rounds is considered a victory for football in the foggy country. The happiest are probably Liverpool, Leeds United and West Brom. Anfield owner is almost certain to be thirsty for the title of England champion lasting 30 years, while the two First Division teams have the opportunity to return to the Premier League 2020.

Leaving the return date of the Premier League 2020 in particular as well as other European leagues, in general, will affect the start of next season, and this will also directly affect the closing date – capital needs to be earlier to serve the start of the EURO 2021 day. Even with the current epidemic, fans can only wait and pray.

Recently, talking about the epidemic situation, Russian phone doctor, Eduard Bezuglov, made his views: “Everything about this epidemic will last until the end of May, even early June, certainly so. I think everything will be fine in July. I think the epidemic will pass, and the isolation order will be lifted. ”

The MU stars were worried

Brighton & Hove Albion have recently confirmed that a player tested positive for the pandemic. However, the team nicknamed “The seagull” refused to confirm the identity of this dangerous epidemic.

Paul Barber (center) - Brighton's managing director confirmed that one of three suspected players had Covid-19 infection.
Paul Barber (center) – Brighton’s managing director confirmed that one of three suspected players had Covid-19 infection.

Brighton’s chief executive, Paul Barber, in an online meeting yesterday (March 26) said three players from a single-team club had undergone a medical examination for signs of the pandemic infection. One of them received a positive result. According to the Daily Mail, head coach Graham Potter and all Brighton players are quarantined at home in accordance with the instructions of the British Government.

CEO Barber also acknowledged that the Amex team did not receive regular medical checks, but a few players with poor health symptoms have recently worried them. Meanwhile, Coach Potter also revealed that his wife showed symptoms of the deadly disease. Even so, the 44-year-old strategist said his wife is still feeling good, but his family is currently secluding themselves in their home.

Brighton's coach Graham Potter (right) admits his wife is suspected of being infected by the global epidemic
Brighton’s coach Graham Potter (right) admits his wife is suspected of being infected by the global epidemic

Brighton is the third club in the English Premier League to report cases of the pandemic, after Arsenal (coach Mikel Arteta) and Chelsea (winger Callum Hudson-Odoi). The Amex Stadium became the first Premier League club to officially announce cases of illness in its team through an online meeting between CEO Paul Barber and coach Graham Potter.

Brighton hiding the identity of a pandemic-infected player is considered a “risky” action that could endanger the community when the case is likely to spread in a cross-contagious way that would endanger the co-workers and their opponents.

MU may also be on the list of risk of pandemic infection when Solskjaer teachers and students will be guests at Amex Stadium in round 32 of the Premier League 2020 when this tournament comes back after a pause due to the disease. In the first leg between the two teams in the 12th round on November 10 last year at Old Trafford, “Red Devils” won this opponent with a score of 3-1.
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