Hot News: Liverpool Holds The Throne Of Europe

Not only did he retain the Champions League throne, but Liverpool also won the English Premier League

Liverpool holds the throne of Europe, certainly winning the Premier League

In the top 5 European leagues in the 2019/20 season, the Premier League finishes the earliest results. Currently, Liverpool is the leading team with 82 points, more than 25 points ahead of the second team in Man City. Just take 6 more points, the army of coach Jurgen Klopp will officially be crowned.

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Liverpool won the Premier League after 3 decades
Liverpool won the Premier League after 3 decades

But the global pandemic prevented Liverpool from reaching the finish line early and potentially ruined The Kop’s dream of the championship after three decades of waiting. This will be extremely unfortunate in the season when they set many impressive records. Among these are the string of 18 consecutive victories and 44 unbeaten matches in the Premier League since last season.

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Therefore, there are many supporters of Liverpool to rise early despite the season still 9 rounds. Insiders such as former MU striker Wayne Rooney, Vice President Ed Woodward, Manchester City midfielder Gundogan … all believe that Liverpool deserves recognition after what has shown on the past.

However, the organizers are still delicate about the tournament situation. Denying the title of the best team in England this season will be too cruel. But giving the championship early to Liverpool, some opponents feel unfair.

According to the latest information, the Premier League organizer held a meeting to collect opinions from the teams. Unexpectedly, 19 teams have voted to let Liverpool win this season, and the organizer has approved the plan for the Merseyside team to be crowned early.

The good news is that with the English port city team, not only will it be crowned national champion after 30 years of waiting, The Kop will still retain the Champions League title won last year, despite the fact that they lost to Atletico Madrid after the last 2 knockout rounds.

Specifically, UEFA held an emergency meeting on April 1 and decided to cancel the two Champions League and Europa League because of the complicated situation of the disease. According to UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin, this is the best solution in the current difficult situation. Accordingly this season there will be no new champions.

Retaining the throne of Europe and certainly taking the throne in the Premier League, this is a dreamlike scenario for Liverpool. But unfortunately, it only appeared in the special news for April Fool’s Day today. Because the official UEFA meeting to discuss this issue has not yet taken place, and the Premier League clubs have not conducted voting to close any plans.

Liverpool – “King of Europe” has awakened

The fans of the port city of Liverpool are quite worried when the red devils show signs of being out of breath during the critical period of the season. In fact, in the English Premier League, Liverpool has won 100%, losing a few games does not matter, but the 1-1 Atletico defeat threatened the road to protect its European Championship title.

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Two records

Welcoming Bournemouth at home to Anfield but The Kop’s teachers and students were pouring cold water when the visitors’ Callum Wilson scored from the 9th minute. But from the personal mistakes of Bournemouth defenders, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane had mixed. Spectacular upstream when scoring twice in the first half. Thus, the “Red Devil” reached the 22nd victory mark at Anfield, the longest record in the history of the highest tournament in England.

Salah also set incredible milestones, becoming the first player of The Kop to reach over 20 goals in all competitions in nearly two decades. The first person to do this was Michael Owen in the 2000/01 and 2002/03 seasons.

The gap between Liverpool and Man City is now 25 points after MU won 2-0 Manchester derby. The Premier League has 10 more games to end, so Liverpool is only two wins away from the silver cup.

After the 29th round, the Anfield team are 82 points, just two more victories, they will reach 88 points – early championship to eight rounds. If you win the remaining 10 matches, Pep Guardiola’s teachers and students only have 87 points, 1 point behind Liverpool. The upcoming rivals of The Kop, Everton and Crystal Palace, are not too strong, respectively.

The “king” woke up

This is when Liverpool temporarily forgot the Premier League title to protect the Champions League title. In fact, they lost to Atletico Madrid 1-0 but did not lose the match, the specifications of the “king” were double the opponent. Losing too early made Firmino and his teammates awkward to reach the goal.

The Wanda Metropolitano is a place to keep Liverpool‘s beautiful memories of last season when at this stadium, they beat Tottenham to win the Champions League. However, this time back to Madrid, everything was no longer simple for the army of Jurgen Klopp, even Klopp received a yellow card.

In the last 6 matches in the tournaments, they only won 3 matches and none won more than 1 goal difference but it seems that the "King of the European Court" woke up in time.
In the last 6 matches in the tournaments, they only won 3 matches and none won more than 1 goal difference but it seems that the “King of the European Court” woke up in time.

In the 3 shots, both S.Mane and Mohamed Salah lacked the subtlety in the final shots. The substitution of Origi and Oxlade-Chamberlain was late, so the situation could not be improved. During the 90 minutes at the Wanda Metropolitano, the Liverpool players failed to hit a single goal.

Returning to Anfield, the “Red Devil” has two goals to continue the Champions League race. A comeback against 2-1 Bournemouth will add emotion to Mohamed Salah and his teammates. In the last 6 matches in the tournaments, they only won 3 matches and no match won more than 1 goal difference, the remaining 3 losses and no goals scored. But it seems the “King” has awoken in time!
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