Hot News 14/3: The Bundesliga changes the postponement of matches

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The Bundesliga changes the time of postponements

The Bundesliga is the latest major tournament in Europe in the football news today which has been postponed due to the spread of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) epidemic.

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Initially, the highest division of German football is expected to take place in a series of matches from 13 to 15/3 and then be postponed.

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The Bundesliga is postponed until April 2
The Bundesliga is postponed until April 2

However, the decision at the end of yesterday said that all matches must be stopped immediately and suspended until April 2.

The Bundesliga has been criticized for continuing to take place while many other tournaments are shut down, including the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A.

Ronaldinho is awarded for winning the tournament in prison

For the past 2 days, Ronaldinho is drawing the attention of the football news today. Ronaldinho is currently being held in a Paraguay prison after being arrested for allegedly entering the country on a false passport.

Ronaldinho is being held in Paraguay
Ronaldinho is being held in Paraguay

According to Paraguay TV ABC football news , the 39-year-old former Brazilian star could be about to join a football tournament in prison with a special award.

Accordingly, detained teams will compete for the championship to be rewarded with a 16 kg dairy pig.

Arsenal aim the Wolves striker for next season

According to the Daily Mail, Wolves striker, Diogo Jota has been targeted by Arsenal when planning a transfer campaign next season.

Arsenal prioritizes Diogo Jota for next season
Arsenal prioritizes Diogo Jota for next season

Jota was the star of Wolves’ impressive season, scoring 15 goals in all competitions, working on the left of attacking three people or pairing with Raul Jimenez.

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“Gunners” have put Jota on his priority list, despite facing a large transfer amount due to Wolves having to deduct a fee paid to the old club Atletico Madrid.

Liverpool and the Premier League could lose half a billion in prize money because of Corona Virus (Covid-19)

Liverpool and Premier League clubs could miss nearly half a billion pounds in bonuses if the season is canceled due to the effects of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) epidemic.

The Premier League is suspended until at least April 3 to prevent the spread of Corona Virus (Covid-19). The decision came after coach Mikel Arteta and player Callum Hudson-Odoi tested positive for the new strain of Corona Virus (Covid-19).

Currently, the Premier League has not decided when the tournament will return and does not exclude the possibility of canceling the entire season if the disease situation is not controlled.

Corona Virus (Covid-19)

In this case, Premier League clubs could miss nearly half a billion pounds in prize money, according to The Athletic. The reason is that the Premier League and First Division BTC do not have to pay a bonus if the season is not completed.

Last season, the champions Manchester City pocketed £ 38.4 million in prize money, the Liverpool runner-up received about £ 36.5 million. The following positions, in turn, earn £ 2 million less than the team in front. The team ranked bottom Huddersfield earned the least prize money, about 1.9 million pounds.

In total, 20 teams in the Premier League receive around 403.3 million pounds of bonuses for their rankings at the end of the season.

Corona Virus (Covid-19)

Liverpool missed tens of millions of pounds in prize money if the tournament was canceled

It should be noted, the failure of the season will also cause Premier League clubs to miss a huge amount of money from television rights. Don’t forget that Liverpool (£ 152 million) received more payouts than Manchester City (£ 151 million) last season due to higher revenue from the rights to broadcast matches.

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