HOT Football News: Lukaku Apologized For The Extravagant Speech

HOT update news: Lukaku just posted an apology for the statements about the pandemic at Inter Milan and other interesting news.

Lukaku apologized for the “extravagant speech”

\Not long ago, Romelu Lukaku “cheerfully” revealed that 23/25 Inter Milan players had symptoms of the pandemic infection. This caused Inter Milan to be criticized for saying that “hide the translation” and the Belgian striker quickly had to apologize to the host club. So far, Inter Milan has not announced any players infected with the pandemic.

HOT Football News: Lukaku Apologized For The Extravagant Speech
Lukaku apologized for the “extravagant speech”

Adebayor gave shocked statement again

Former Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor has made a shocking speech when criticized by the people of Togo (his home country) for not donating to help the government against the pandemic. “People say as if I brought the pandemic to Togo. Sorry, not really. They compare me to Drogba, Eto’o but sorry, I’m Adebayor and I’m just what I like.”

The star Atletico’s father supported his son to Arsenal

Answering on the Ghana Web, Thomas Partey’s father supported his son’s move to Arsenal to compete. “The idea of ​​Thomas moving to Arsenal is very good, this club has a lot of supporters in Ghana. I would be very happy if Thomas decided to play for” Gunners. “The important thing is how Atletico will let it go.”. According to the Daily Mail, Arsenal needs to spend at least £ 50 million to recruit Partey.

Kaka refused Man City’s super-contract

Kaka’s representative, Gaetano Paolillo, told Milan News that the Brazilian midfielder rejected Man City’s € 100-million-contract in 2009. He also said that Kaka never wanted to leave the team. Milan but the Rossoneri sold the player due to financial problems. Therefore, Kaka joined Real Madrid for 67 million euros.

Neymar needs to listen more

Former MU star Rafael hopes Neymar can improve the problems on the pitch to be ready to shine for the national team when the moment comes. “Football must be the first choice of your life. Neymar has a lot of things around him. Maybe he thinks that he doesn’t need to make football a priority and still be able to play well. But that’s what he needs. I think Neymar needs to listen more. If he can do that, it will be difficult to stop Brazil.


MU hunt young talent

Faitout Maouassa is a very promising left-back for French football. This season, Maouassa has performed extremely well. In Ligue 1, he played 23 games, scored 3 goals, created another table, contributed greatly to help Rennes occupy the 3rd position in the rankings, second only to Marseille and PSG. Maouassa’s top form helped him catch the eye of MU, who are still looking for a new left-back after Ashley Young left.

Phil Neville will leave the England women’s team

Daily Mail revealed that coach Phil Neville will leave the England women’s team after the current contract ends in the summer of 2021. Former MU and Everton players helped the Three Lions girls reach the women’s World Cup semi-finals last year The last time was suspected by receiving 7 defeats only after the last 12 matches.

Barca turned to Werner

Sources close to Barcelona, ​​Mundo Deportivo said the Catalunya giant is thinking seriously about recruiting Timo Werner because the German player’s price is much cheaper than Lautaro Martinez (Inter Milan). The Argentine striker has a contract release clause worth about 110 million euros, almost double that of “Turbo”.

Grealish is like Eden Hazard

Chelsea legend and current Aston Villa assistant manager John Terry thinks that Jack Grealish has the same gifted qualities as his former teammates Eden Hazard and Joe Cole. The attacking midfielder is currently a very hot transfer target when followed by many big clubs like MU or Tottenham.

Beckham’s team negotiated to recruit Real Madrid star

According to Goal, David Beckham contacted Real Madrid chairman – billionaire Florentino Perez to ask about recruiting James Rodriguez for Inter Miami – the American team owned by him.

Becks has a good relationship with Perez since he joined the “White Vulture” from MU in 2003. Former talented English midfielder believes Real will soon release James when the Colombian star does not find a place in the team. Zidane’s image, while his current contract with “Los Blancos” is also about to expire.

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