Honved, ‘Golden Team’ & The Escape Of The Hungarian Stars

Today’s C1 or Champions League was born in 1955. In this period, we will talk about Honved – a legendary Hungarian team and once witnessed the stars leaving their homeland simultaneously!

“Golden Team”

Honved is like the first “Dream Team” in the history of world football with super players like Ferenc Puskas, Sandor Kocsis, Laszlo Budai, Zoltan Czibor, Jozsef Bozsik and Gyula Grosics. They dominated football in Hungary and Europe in the 1950s. However, this is still considered a mysterious team, because it existed more than half a century ago, and at the same time is not as strong football as Hungary. In particular, the mystery comes from the fact that Honved‘s stars simultaneously fled from Hungary shortly after forming the C1 Cup with the home team and other clubs.

Due to political disagreements, many people left the country to go to the West. Honved‘s players were not the first football stars to flee. The story begins in 1949 when Laszla Kubala left his homeland in the back of a truck to go to a refugee camp in Austria. Here, after many incidents, he joined Barca and then became a legend.

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Back at Honved, this club was not so strong at first. However, in 1950, they changed their name to Budapesti Honved SE and became the army’s team. At the time, Honved had two outstanding players, striker Puskas and midfielder Bozsik. Thanks to the military rule, Honved brought back all the best players of Hungary at that time, including Kocsis, Czibor, Budai and goalkeeper Grosics.

Striker Puskas also fled Hungary
Striker Puskas also fled Hungary

The legends fled

Honved not only dominated Hungarian football at that time, resonating in Europe, but also created a Hungarian team as only in legend. On November 25, 1953, Hungary was a guest of England. It was just a friendly match, but until now it has been praised by the soccer world and recognized as “The match of the century”. The Three Kingdoms were invincible at home 90 years earlier. But in front of more than 105,000 home audiences, they lost 3-6 to Hungary bitterly. A year later, the British marched to Hungary to revenge. This time even worse, they left with a 1-7 defeat. So far, this is still the biggest loss in the history of the Three Lions.

From May 1950 to February 1956, Hungary Team called Aranycsapat (ie “Golden Team“) won 43 victories, 6 draws and suffered only 1 defeat. Unfortunately, that was the 1954 World Cup final against West Germany, with a score of 2-3 that they once led 2-0. After a lot of sources allege, the German players used high doping in the second half to win against Hungary.

But then, those mysterious teams, Honved and Hungary were disbanded. Puskas, Bozsik, Kocsis … followed Kubala’s elder brother and left Hungary. After Bilbao made a trip to the European Cup in 1955/56, the Honved players refused to return home. Along with the political event that took place at that time in Hungary, the second leg was held in Brussels (Belgium).

As a result, Honved only got a 3-3 draw and was eliminated, and their players took advantage of this opportunity to flee. They travel from Brussels by train to Spain. Puskas was banned after a long time and was lucky enough to join Real. Meanwhile, Czibor and Kocsis chose Barca.

Honved completely weakened, but Real and Barca have become greater thanks to the fleeing legend of this club. The Hungarian stars then created an era of success in Spanish football.

“Golden Team” has not been surpassed

So far, the “Golden Team” – that is, Hungary with the core of Honved players in the 50s of the last century – is still considered the strongest national team in football history. They each won 2,230 points in 1954 according to the Elo rating chart. So far, no national team has reached this milestone. Spain, when it was hit with tiqui-taca, was only the highest with 2,165 points in 2010. And Germany only had the highest score of 2,223 in 2014.

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The “match of the century” changed English football

Before losing to Hungary 3-6 in 1953 at Wembley and then losing 1-7 in Budapest a year later, English football always looked down on other football platforms in Europe. They are proud of their physical strength and tactical skills compared to the rest, and consider the WM diagram to be invincible. However, after losing to Hungary when playing with 2-3-3-2 and carrying the philosophy of total football, English football has changed and learned new tactical models.

27. So far, Hungary has kept the record for the number of goals scored in a World Cup, when there were 27 goals in the tournament in 1954.

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