Honduras vs Costa Rica Prediction | WC 2022 Qualif. CONCACAF | 10/08

Honduras vs Costa Rica prediction: With the same 2 points and ranked on 5th and 6th place respectively, both will have to be very careful against direct competitors. Especially in the period of performance, both teams have problems, one more footfall can make the dream of the World Cup drift out of reach.

Honduras vs Costa Rica Prediction


  • Match date: 00:05 a.m – 2021/10/08
  • Event: World Cup 2022 Qualif. CONCACAF
  • Stage: Matchday 4th
  • Location: Estadio Olimpico Metropolitano



Honduras’ performance in 2021 is quite impressive with the Nations League bronze medal after defeating Costa Rica in the 3rd-4th match. And then they also reached the quarterfinals of the Gold Cup. Fabian Coito’s army once had excellent matches, losing only 0-1 to the US and drawing with Mexico 0-0. The solid and extremely practical gameplay is always shown in nail games. 

In the first 3 matches besides the inevitable defeat against the US, Honduras only got 2 draws 1-1 with Canada and 0-0 with El Salvador. The attack really has a problem when looking at the statistics of 2 goals in the last 5 matches, too much focus on defense makes Honduras lack of mutation. It is not surprising if the upcoming match is tight and continues to be scarce.

Honduras vs Costa Rica Prediction

Costa Rica started the World Cup qualifiers quite smoothly with a draw on the field of Panama. However, losing 0-1 to Mexico and having to share points with Jamaica pushed them to 5th place with only 2 points. Ronald Gonzalez’s army needs to improve a lot in terms of attack ability. It is very clear in the statistics that the last 4/5 matches could not be scored, the attack lacked elements that could shine. 

The positive point is the safe and well-organized play, Costa Rica only conceded 2 times after the first 3 matches. In the current situation, they can hardly risk away from home, the goal of not losing will be put first. The defense is commanded by Keylor Navas capable of completing the task of protecting the goal.

Being evaluated equally with the fact that both are not in good form, it is difficult to hope for an open game. The last 6 matches of Costa Rica ended with Under, 9/10 confrontations between the two teams also did not have more than 2 goals. 

Select: Under 1.75 FT.


The two teams proved to be equally talented in terms of strength and performance after the first 3 matches. They do not know the joy of victory and only got 2 points from the draws, besides there is a difficult problem to solve on the attack. Costa Rica is rated a little better, but Honduras also has a lot of experience going deep in big tournaments. The statistics of the last 10 confrontations are also very balanced, with each side bringing in 3 victories and 4 times of inconclusiveness.

Honduras’ performance in 2021 is better with 3rd place in the Nations League, but the first 3 matches only drew and lost forcing them to aim for a safe match. Costa Rica’s performance also did not leave an impression with 2 points after 3 games, it shows the balance of this pairing. Sharing a goal with plus points and important properties directly affects the competitive opportunity, the draw result is a wise choice.

Select: Honduras FT.


The European odds rate does not underestimate the possibility that the two teams can’t win or lose. The statistics show the balance and the calculations that make the game easy to fall into a stalemate. A tied result can make both of them satisfied at the moment.

Honduras vs Costa Rica Prediction

Select: Draw FT.

Honduras vs Costa Rica Prediction: Honduras 0 – 0 Costa Rica FT (0-0 H1).


Honduras: Fernandez, D. Acosta, Leveron, Rivas, Crisanto, J. Garcia, Rubio, B. Garcia, Lozano, B. Acosta, Quioto.

Costa Rica: Navas, Blanco, Oviedo, Campbell, Duarte, Calvo, Marin, Borges, Rojas, Ruiz, Moya.

Above is the information about the prediction between Honduras vs Costa Rica in the 4th match of World Cup 2022 Qualif. CONCACAF on 2021/10/08 of the CMD368 bookie.