Have Bruno Fernandes Transfer Problems Been Investigated By FIFA?

Bruno Fernandes recently got into trouble regarding a transfer between his two former clubs Sporting Lisbon and Sampdoria. Will MU be involved in this scandal?

FIFA enters MU investigation

According to the latest information from A Bola newspaper (Portugal), the two former teams of Bruno Fernandes, Sampdoria and Sporting Lisbon are preparing to file a lawsuit to FIFA. The complexity of the Fernandes transfer has forced the world’s top football authority into play.

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Bruno Fernandes was in big trouble
Bruno Fernandes was in big trouble

Specifically, FIFA held an investigation into the transfer deals of midfielder Bruno Fernandes. It is expected that FIFA will have a meeting with representatives of three parties including Sampdoria, Sporting Lisbon and MU next week. Most likely, Bruno Fernandes will also have to appear to clarify the terms that the star deals with the teams he has been playing for.

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A contract for the sale of Bruno Fernandes

In January 2020, United recruited Bruno Fernandes from Sporting Lisbon for a fee of £ 68 million. This included £ 47 million in cash, along with other provisions that could trigger the deal to a maximum of £ 68 million.

Basically, MU has fulfilled its obligations – though there are still other auxiliary terms. However, Sporting Lisbon is not. And because of that, the “blockbuster” of January 2020 is having certain troubles and fuss.

Just recently, Italian club Sampdoria accused Sporting Lisbon of trying to hide the £ 4.7 million they deserve. This is due to the terms of the contract that Sampdoria sold Bruno Fernandes to Sporting Lisbon in 2017, according to the Daily Mail.

Bruno Fernandes impressed in Sampdoria’s colors in Serie A in the 2016/2017 season. After that season, Sporting Lisbon decided to spend £ 7.5million to repatriate the 1994 toilet money in the summer 2017 transfer window.

In the deal between Sampdoria and Sporting Lisbon in the summer of 2017, the Italian team installed a special provision. That is they will receive an additional 10% of the player’s transfer fee in the future if Bruno Fernandes left Sporting.

Earlier this year, Bruno Fernandes moved to United on a winter transfer for £ 47 million in cash, along with other terms. Thus, based on the contract between Sampdoria and Sporting, the Portuguese team will have to pay Sampdoria £ 4.7 million, and also have to pay more if Sporting Lisbon receives more from MU.

Luxuriant “blockbuster” & relationship with MU

However, since then, the team playing in Serie A has confirmed it has not received the above amount from Sporting Lisbon. The problem is, Sporting Lisbon said that they are not obligated to pay Sampdoria this money because according to them, the contract between Fernandes and Sampdoria that Sporting bought expired after a season in which the midfielder played for Sporting.

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Bruno Fernandes played well with MU
Bruno Fernandes played well with MU

Sporting signed a new contract with Fernandes. The Portuguese team explained when Sporting signed a new contract with Fernandes in 2018 when he was a free agent. Because of that, Sporting refused to give Sampdoria £ 4.7 million.

However, this is just a trick between Sporting Lisbon and he only. Once Sampdoria takes the case to the authorities or to the court, the Italian team is very likely to win the case.

This was the trick that Barcelona and Santos made in the sale of Neymar Junior in 2013, in order to overtake another co-owner unit. The case led to former Barca chairman Sandro Rosell going to jail, while the Santos club was continuously sued in court.