Haugesund vs Kristiansund Prediction | Eliteserien | 06/20

Haugesund vs Kristiansund prediction: Although the start was not so good when receiving 2 consecutive failures. But Kristiansund quickly rebounded bravely and brought them a series of 5 unbeaten matches. Thereby helping them to rank 3rd on the rankings. The goal for this match is to get all 3 points to reach the top of the table. Can Kristiansund do as well as in the past matches?


  • Match date: 02:00 pm on 2021/06/20
  • Event: Eliteserien
  • Stage: Matchday 8th
  • Location: Haugesund Stadion






Haugesund’s home team is showing instability in tactical operation in the past few rounds. Statistics in the last 5 matches they only got 1 win and got 2 draws and 2 losses. The decline at this stage makes them fall to 13th place and is approaching the dangerous group. If they continue to play like this, it is entirely possible that Haugesund is far behind the opponents in the upper group in terms of points. The gameplay is quite lackluster and Haugesund’s ball situations are still quite simple. In the last match against Lillestrom, Haugesund had only 4 shots and none on target. The upcoming match promises to be full of difficulties with their current form.

In contrast, Kristiansund is rising strongly after the last series of victories. They are in 3rd place with 15 points and only 3 points behind the leading team even though they are playing less than 1 match. In the match against ODD last week, the opponent had an extremely annoying play, Kristiansund still made 14 shots. They had 7 shots on target and 2 of them were goals. This number shows that their ability to attack as well as deploy their position is very good. At the same time, the spirit of unbeaten competition helps Kristiansund play with a balanced mind and not “bored” any opponent. So, the 3 points in the upcoming match will probably continue to be in Kristiansund’s hands.

Obviously, Haugesund’s attack is not playing too well. It is very difficult for them to score at the moment. Meanwhile, despite the extremely high performance, Kristiansund still played very carefully in the last few rounds. They have not beaten any opponent with more than 2 goals.

Select: Under FT.


The confrontation history of the two teams is quite balanced in the last 5 rounds. They got 3 draws and divided the winning and losing ratio equally. However, the current context is very different, Kristiansund is changing positively both in terms of gameplay and people. Since then, they have also climbed to a fairly high position on the chart. At the same time, the last unbeaten match made their fans feel much more secure. The exact opposite is a severely degraded Haugesund. Considering the recent matches, the number of dangerous chances Haugesund created in front of the opponent’s goal was very limited.

Select: Kristiansund FT.


Kristiansund is on the threshold to rise to the top of the rankings for the first time in this tournament. Therefore, they will have great preparation and focus. Entering the match with a sublimated mood after a series of unbeaten days, it is not difficult for Kristiansund to find a way to exploit the opponent’s weaknesses. They have a quality midfield along with good ball control. Accompanying that is the continuous shooting. It is not surprising for Kristiansund to win this match.

Select: Kristiansund FT.


Haugesund has not been able to maintain a stable form as in previous seasons. In the early stages of the season, they encountered many difficulties. Meanwhile, the away team brought a new breeze by the presence of striker Hoven, with 4 goals in just the past 3 matches. Marching away from home is not too much of a problem. Because of the seasoned players and believes that Kristiansund BK will leave with 3 points in hand with a safe score.

Haugesund vs Kristiansund prediction: Haugesund 0 – 2 Kristiansund FT (0-0 H1).


Haugesund: Gostomski, Stolaas, Bergqvist, Ringstad, Desler, Sandberg, Nilsen, Grindheim, Wadji, Tronstad, Samuelsen.

Kristiansund BK: McDermott, Ulvestad, Psyche, Sormo, Aasbak, Ulvestad, Bye, Diop, Hoven, Kalludra, Gjertsen.

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