Harry Kane Wants To Leave Tottenham

If leaving Tottenham, Harry Kane will have many options for new berths but it seems MU is the most appropriate destination.

Harry Kane wants to leave Tottenham: Why is MU the most appropriate destination?

A few days ago, Harry Kane startled fans when he offered to leave Tottenham in the future. “I was asked a lot about my future. This is something that cannot be stated. I have always been fond of Tottenham but the future is unpredictable. If the team is not on the right track, I cannot stay. “

A great scorer, but Harry Kane has no titles in his career

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This year, Harry Kane is 26 years old and is reaching the maturity of his career. Growing up from Tottenham‘s training center, the English striker proved himself to be a world-class player. However, Harry Kane has not had a trophy in his career.

The player’s best performance is second in the Champions League. In fact, Harry’s words are true. Since losing in the final of the Champions League, Tottenham has “slipped without braking” and showed no sign of recovery even after being replaced.

Harry Kane has been at Tottenham long enough to realize that the “cycle” has arrived. “Roosters” often kick very well a few seasons later to sell pillars “profit”. From Berbatov to Luka Modric or Gareth Bale, it all goes like that.

For Levy, the title is not as important as the revenue. In addition, the global epidemic is causing Tottenham heavy losses. The team recently had to cut 20% of the salary of all employees to reduce costs. They will need a lot of money this summer.

MU is the ideal destination for Harry Kane?
MU is the ideal destination for Harry Kane?

If leaving Tottenham, where is Kane’s ideal destination? Liverpool has a nice attacking style but they have enough strikers and Jurgen Klopp prefers to use the virtual striker rather than the center striker. Man City is aimed at younger players and they are about to be punished because of the Financial Fair Law. Real or Barca? Spain has never been the promised land of English players.

The possible destination of this player is probably MU and Chelsea. However, Tottenham will not sell its star to the same city teams so Kane’s road to Stamford Bridge will probably be near and far.

In fact, MU is like Harry Kane at the moment – it is very hungry for titles. The management of the team is confident in the direction of coach Solskjaer. However, the force of MU is still too thin to compete for the championship, especially in the striker.

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Martial or Rashford have both been tested as strikers, but both show more potential in the frontier. Ighalo is only suitable for the reserve position if recruited. Therefore, Solskjaer still needs a real striker and Harry Kane is the “immaculate” contract.

However, the contract of the English striker and Tottenham lasts until 2024. Therefore, MU will have to spend “tons of money” if you really want to have the Premier League top scorer 2016/17.

The pandemic prevented Tottenham from ‘rearmament’

Tottenham is playing very badly in Mourinho’s first season. They have fallen a lot in the last 2 months. The last 6 matches in all competitions, Spurs did not even know the smell of victory. The reason is that Tottenham‘s forces are very thin and this weakness is revealed when the traumatic storm takes away many pillars.

Recently, Mourinho had a meeting with chairman Daniel Levy and chief scout Steve Hitchen about plans to strengthen forces in the coming Summer. The trio agreed to buy at least three new players, a center-back, a full-back, and a striker. However, at the meeting, Mourinho was informed that his transfer budget this summer will be cut.

The reason given is because of the global pandemic. As is known, the pandemic caused Premie League 2019/20 matches to be postponed indefinitely. Tottenham, like other football teams around the world, suffered huge losses when both sales and television rights fell. Under such circumstances, it is understandable that they did not have enough money for the transfer. The source did not specify how much money Mourinho would have for shopping but obviously the Portuguese teacher will have to consider carefully before deciding who to recruit?

Tottenham desperately needs a back-up striker as well as sharing the burden with Kane
Tottenham desperately needs a back-up striker as well as sharing the burden with Kane

“When I read or heard about the transfers this summer, it was like the Techmart had no effect. People need to be awake and see the bad effects around us. Tottenham is the eighth team in the world in terms of revenue according to Deloitte audit. But that data is a thing of the past and has no value at this point, ”Mr. Levy said.

Back to Mourinho’s transfer goals, it is reasonable for him to target the center-back and the striker. Spurs’ defense this season is playing very badly. Mourinho’s pillars such as Toby Alderweireld, Jan Vertonghen … have fallen a lot. In recent matches, Mourinho has to drag Eric Dier to the center-back, but this is only a temporary solution. In attack, the injury of Harry Kane made Mourinho no longer a central striker. Mourinho was forced to have a backup solution for Harry Kane next season.

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