Kane plans to leave Tottenham

Harry Kane admits he could break up with Tottenham next season, for the desire to win big titles.

“I am ambitious, I want to improve”

“Having been with Tottenham for the rest of your career? It’s one of the things I can’t answer yes or no to. I love this club and always will. But I always say if I don’t feel the team. This is progressing or developing in the right direction, then I will not try to stay just for the love of the club, “said Harry Kane on March 29, in a live interview via Instagram with Sky Sports commentator Jamie Redknapp.

“I’m ambitious, I want to improve, I want to be better, I want to be one of the top players in the world. But that depends a lot on how my team is playing, and how we have progressed as a team, so it is difficult to say that I will stay here forever, “the English striker added.

Kane wants to progress with Tottenham and conquer the titles.
Kane wants to progress with Tottenham and conquer the titles.

Harry Kane matured from the Tottenham academy, promoted to the first team in 2013, and was the captain of the team. In this club shirt, he twice won the Premier League top scorer, but ungainly with big titles. Kane joined Tottenham in the 2015 League Cup final and the Champions League final last season but lost.

Harry Kane admits the failures in front of that heavenly door hurt him, especially when looking at the quality of the Tottenham line up a few recent seasons. The 26-year-old striker said: “From the past two years, we have always said that Tottenham has a great team, but for some reason, we have not been able to win the titles yet. It’s really hard to accept. I want to win all the titles, so when we are very close to the title and still can’t reach it, it’s really hard to swallow. “

Harry Kane has set a plan to leave Tottenham if they don’t qualify for the Champions League

After Mauricio Pochettino was dismissed in the first half of this season, Tottenham appointed Mourinho to replace. Kane personally admits to a good relationship with the new coach, proud to work with a big name and a straightforward personality like Mourinho. But he is still cautious about the future of the team with the new coach.

Harry Kane plans to leave Tottenham if they don’t qualify for the Champions League

“Next season, the coach will have the opportunity to evaluate the team fully from the pre-season training, but put the philosophy and values ​​he wants into the team, and we often wait and see. “Of course, I want to win, I want to win the titles with the team, and I want to do it as soon as possible. So, let’s wait and see how things work out.”

Harry Kane suffered a hamstring injury from 1/1 and is in the process of recovery. The delay of the season due to the pandemic can more or less give the striker more time to recover, rehearse before returning to roll the ball again.
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